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In need of tips for the TEAS exam


I took the teas on May 21st and scored a 57. I tried my luck with applying in the nursing program and didn't get in. She said that my score wasn't high enough. The day that I took the exam I only had about 3 hours of sleep. On my way to the school that day I had a red bull. So I was wired that day! Smh. I have used the ATI manual and I just purchased the McGraw book today. I'm not sure when I'm take it again because we aren't able to apply to the RN program until June 2015. But we can apply for the Spring PN in Nov. I really want to be a RN but I have financial situation going on and wouldn't mind trying for the PN this year. If anyone have any tips on how to score high on the TEAS exam, PLEASE POST THEM! Also, since I took it in May, do you suggest that I wait until next year to take it or later this year. I will also be taking my last class during the Fall and wouldn't be able to study as much as I would like for the TEAS after August.

I actually scored a 57.9 or something profecit level and was given an interview. And during my interview I was offered a spot in the nursing program. So to me find out what score gets you an interview because it's your interview that gets you in.

when do you take that exam> when you are applying to colleges?

I just used the mcgraw book with the five practice tests and I passed the parts I needed for my school's LVN program. I needed a 60 in english and math, and I made a 78 in english, a 83 in math, on the science portion I made a 60 ( I havent had a science class outside of A&P since 2005 and most of the science on the test was 9th grade science which I did not remember) and writing or grammer whatever you want to call the last section I made another 70 something. The book was pretty cheap on amazon.com Good Luck!

When I took my TEAS I was given a printout afterwards that showed my scores and several pages that showed what page/info in the ATI book I needed to study. Locate yours and use it to ensure that you study everything that you missed.

This whole section is full of tips. I read lots of these threads while studying for the TEAS. Instead of re-writing it all, just start reading what has all ready been posted.


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The first time I took the TEAS V I scored a 69.4(placed as proficient) and the second time I took it I scored a 79.3( placed as advanced) I submitted this score and was just excepted into and LPN to RN mobility program for spring semester! I improved my score by going through the ATI book with a fine tooth comb. I spent an hour or so most days studying for about a month, I focused on the areas I was told to review, used the tutoring center on campus, researched topics I was having trouble grasping online, and took the practice TEAS that ATI has online, they are a bit spendy,but give rational for why answers are right or wrong and was an invaluable resource. I also payed special attention to the science and math portions which where the most heavily weighted by the program I was applying to. I attempted to get as close to 8 hours sleep the night before my exam, had a health breakfast and avoided caffeine ( ok decreased my intake that day. I also did minimal studying the night before and morning of, just a general review of math and general english. I hope this post is helpful,best of luck to you.