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  1. I don't believe we should we rewarding and encouraging such behavior. By giving in, it only teaches him that if he escalates his behavior, he gets what he wants. Either he wants treatment, or he does not. Every PT we see like that, have learned that such behavior rewards them. Keep in mind, such a patient will NOT give you or your hospital a good review. And WILL take all your time running through hoops. Basically taking your time away from other Patients. Your comment about looking at the record wasn't out of line, no matter what others said. He might be way over the amount he could have. Who knows, his behavior could have rewarded him all through the night with extra drinks. Better CYA, than be sorry. If he wasn't WAY over, then maybe, or maybe not. The problem isn't wither he could have a drink. It was his response that is the problem. And shouldn't be rewarded. Either way, he wasn't ready for treatment. When he is ready, he will come back. And hopefully he will know to behave better.
  2. Spangle Brown

    Health Care is Not a Right

    I think many of us are not aware of why we have it in the first place. A friend of mine told me of a trip she took to a third world country. While there, her group got sick enough that they HAD to go to the hospital. In the waiting room was a person setting there, bleeding to death. Her arm was nearly hacked off. She just sat there, bleeding out. The receptionist was just a few feet away, ignoring the situation. When her group was seen, they had to pay upfront. Then was given a list of supplies they had to go get themselves, before being treated. Again, everything had to be paid up front. This place is exactly how you wish it to be. No one gets freebies. Everyone pays... or just dies. I am not being drama queen, just the facts of life for some places. The reality is, WE don't want to see that person setting there dying Maybe they could do it behind doors, someplace else, we would be all right with that. Just like no one wants to see homeless folks, or dirty streets. We PAY to prevent seeing nasty. So we pay. And because we do, we have hospitals that are well stocked with what we need, when we need it.
  3. Since they are being trained that way, when they say an officer is going to be investigated, he will be found to have followed protocol. Which is why cops get off, when they are clearly in the wrong. They are just following their training and protocol.
  4. Very true. That is the way most normal people would react. The resisting arrest is something they can use that such a innocent person would STILL be guilty of in such a situation. Another words, we are to accept what every they do, without resistance.. even when they are wrong. IT's a catch 22.
  5. At her age, I would not even look at the private schools. They are to costly. However, some community colleges have BSN programs. The CC programs are the cheapest way to go. Most BSN programs are on line. Many different options out there. Google is your friend. Try searching for RN-BSN prgraoms in your state, focus on State run schools and check outCommunity colleges for the price savings. maybe talk to some of the new graduate nurses to see what options they are considering.
  6. Spangle Brown

    fl nursing schools

    I would look into the community colleges for their ADN programs if you already have the pre's done. Most of them have a direct connect to UCF for the BSN bridge. If you keep your gpa above 3, then you can apply to UCF for your your BSN after you graduate for you ADN. The difference, some hospitals require ONLY BSN and they will consider you if you are enrolled into a BSN program. The difference? Cost. Community colleges are cheaper. Some even offer BSN. Valencia in Orlando will be offering BSN in the fall of 2018.
  7. Spangle Brown

    Why is medicare going to be nonexistent?

  8. Spangle Brown

    You are NOT allergic to...

    Growing up I was told I was allergic to shrimp. The first time I ate it, I turned green over night. Lost everything to the potty. Over the years I questioned wither it was the shrimp, since I had also been told that it might have been mental. So I gave it a test. Nope, still lost everything to the potty. Several years ago I was discussing this issue with a Chief and it was explained to me that I am describing a sensitivity to the food. Not a true allergy. I have sense learned that alot of people have food 'allergy's' where their actions are more 'sensitive', then what qualifies as an allergy. But what surprised me is that in all these years, not one medical person explained the difference to me. What I was told was, that such an allergy to shrimp could turn into the kind where you could not breath. So, do not eat it again. To me, this is more an issue of lack of public education on this subject matter. Teach people what the difference is. Also include what are side effects.
  9. Spangle Brown

    Valencia College Nursing Fall 2015

    Sorry guys, getting ready for finals. Yes the reading is from Fundamental of nursing book. Tues and Thursdays are your Lab days. Do NOT be late to lab. If you are a minute late, you will have to make up a whole hour. You really do clock in on a computer that keeps track of hours. You will not being doing actual Clinical days until the last month or so of the term. It will be 2 days in a LTC facility. (Long Term Care) On actual clinical days, you will arrive at the location and be ready to start at 6:30am. Meet for a per-conference and end with a post conference. During post conference you will report on a patient. Clinicals will be ON your Lab day and will take the place of your lab day.
  10. Spangle Brown

    No calculators allowed as an RN?

    I"m a middle aged student in nursing school. Yes, we use them. For tests we can bring a very simple calculator. The kind you spend $2 on. And since they are so cheep, we can bring a second one incase the first one breaks. The math is dimensional analysis, and every step must be shown on the tests. Even if you can read the problem and figure it out in your head. You can write down the correct answer, and they will count it wrong without showing the work.
  11. Spangle Brown

    Valencia College Nursing Fall 2015

    So, today was the big day. Welcome. I would not get the dosage book. I never used mine. It is very, very basic math in that book. In nursing !, they will have a Dosage Boot camp where they will teach you what you need to know. So save your money. Also, you are told to get the Davis Drug guide. Barely touched it in Nursing one, could have shared a copy, or goggled what info I needed. In Nursing 2, we have to research alot of meds. The book is written really small print that is hard for me to read, so I would look it up online anyway. THEN we are told they hate Davis and rather we used our Pharm book to look up meds. Sooooo.... I am sure they told you what chapters to start on. If not, Chapte4rs 31, 33, 29, 30, 32, 44, 9, 15, 26, 10, 36 are some that might be on your first test. Yes, all of those. Mine were in that order. This term might be different. Alot to read? Yes. How to study? Read the chapter, focus on the stuff in colored blocks to 'memorize". IF you feel the need to memorize. Testing is different then any sort of test you have ever had. They are logic questions. What would you do first, etc? So the best thing is to actually read the chapters. You are taking in more then you realize. You do not have time to memorize every detail or to keep re reading the chapters. Look at that list of chapters.. NO TIME. Nclex 3600. Free, online. It has practice questions and rationales. That is how you study and learn nursing. You can pick and chose your topics. You will be doing Fundamentals, of course. Pick from there. Go check out how the questions are set up and practice doing those sorts of questions. READ the rationale. That is how you learn. Do these, and you will have a clue to how you will be tested. And you will know how you need to study. You will not be asked to memorize and repeat lists, etc. You will be given situations and asked what should YOU do. I know you will feel like you are not doing enough to get ready. But seriously, just read the chapter once, and go on to the next one. Do it when your paying attention, not when your bored tired.
  12. Spangle Brown

    Noncompliant diabetic patients

    True, you don't have time in acute care. But you are assuming that they do not want to deal with them. At some point we need to address WHY a person is non-complient. What have they tried. What was working, what wasn't, etc. It is a process with a lot of failures. It's hard enough dealing with it, worse dealing with those who all ready think crap about the patient.
  13. Spangle Brown

    Esme welcome back!!!!

    Oh, was you missed! Glad your back, searching the ole threads isn't the same. Continued prayers for your healing!
  14. Spangle Brown

    GoFundMe Thoughts?

    As in all things, buyer beware. I see this no different then the TV hawkers taking money from the elderly and spending it on private planes, etc. No harm in asking. There are always going to be such people. But, I have no problem donating to a family members fund or to others I know. Even if it is for school. Yes, no one donated to me, but I did not ask. Years ago when i graduated from High School I sent out announcements. I received checks in the mail, that went to my college fund. Any different? I think not. Would I donate to a strangers college fund.. Hmm.. most likely not. Cause I don't know if their story is for real. Just like the guy on the street. I don't know if he has no choice, or that is his job of choice. As in all things, it is something that can be abused. Buyer beware.
  15. Spangle Brown

    Head to Toe Assessment

    I have a form that our professors had use fill out. It has places for 3 assessments. I keep it in my pocket and use it to write down information for charting. As I write info down, I am quickly reviewing the form for things I might be forgetting. The more I do, the less that happens. The first time I used it, not only was it reminding me of what I need to do, I was able to quickly mark the information down.
  16. Spangle Brown

    what do you say to friends who want to copy

    In bio class several years ago, I gave my lab assignment to one of my lab partners to copy OUR lab results from. He was was suppose to answer questions, etc use those values. He ended up copying my whole paper and turned it in. We both got an email about dishonesty, etc. Yes, I could have gotten kicked out, etc. But the professor just gave us a warning. Next week the guy needed the info and I just flat told him no. He PROMISED and I still said nope. Bridge burned, I can not trust him again. She is your friend. You can forgive the ONE TIME. But when she asks again, just tell her nicely that you feel uncomfortable doing that, considering what happened before. You didn't like being in that postion and the best way to prevent it, is not to share homework. Notes, ect.. yes. But not actual homework. If she stressed you over it, just tell he that you thought as your friend, she would UNDERSTAND. Another way is, talk about such situations in a group. (other class mates, in the hall, etc) and mentioned what ws done to you, and how it made you feel, and how you learned your lesson and wouldn't share again. Made it seem your giving THEM the heads up. Let your friend nod her head sagely, but hope she gets the message to not even try.