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In house INR testing


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Do any of you do your own INR testing in house? My docs are all for it but I am having trouble finding an appropriate machine....any ideas?


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With my mother's INR being so volatile, sometimes requiring daily checks, she was prescribed a home unit. I believe the company was MdINR. Seemed to be very accurate. Occasionally we would take the unit with us when other labs were drawn to compare & results were always within 0.1-0.2 of the lab's testing.

I don't know if they would have a system appropriate for facility use. Results are phoned in on an automated system (for billing I suppose) & then forwarded to the MD the same day.


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That would be nice to have....we have a daily INR for one resident right now and that means someone to draw everyday and run it to a lab---10miles away.

CapeCodMermaid, RN

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Thanks for your responses. I used one at one facility but just can't remember the name of the unit or the company I got it from. I bet if I looked in the box in the back of the closet that houses all the pens I've collected over the years, I'd find one with the name of the company on one of those pens.


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I think ours is the CoaguCheck...something like that. The staff, residents, and doctors love it. Tiny poke, immediate results, no driving across town to the lab. :-)

In home care I use the Coagu Chek by Roche.


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We use an INR machine at our facility. I love it! If we needed an STAT INR before lab would have to drive half hour to get to us then half hour back to the lab and run it. I think the one we use is Coaguchek XS.


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Ours are Roche...same as the previous posters.

We use ROCHE COAGUCHEK PRO SYSTEM 05530199160. Our pharmacy doses our Coumadin for INRs below 5