In a heartbeat......scarey moments today!

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Hey all, generally l don't vent here much about personal matters, but l had a SCARY few minutes this morning and it has left me shaken up all day.....My 2 yr old grnd son spent the nite w/ me and he woke up crying about 530a....l came downstairs with him and got him some juice then carried him back upstairs....l felt SOB, tachycardic, and thought for a moment due to 4 hrs sleep and fatigue. So l lay on my bed and WHAM heart is BOUNDING at about 180 , l am sweating, feel HOT from the inside out....lasted about 3 minutes...l actually thought l would pos. die! I mean l am ER nurse, but l was soooo scared l never even thought about vagal manouver, just maybe calling 911. and then l am thinking, my hair looks aweful but l did get a shower....blahblahblah.....can you belive it, think maybe l am on verge of death and all l can think is "is my hair clean?".....Well, l am on Tenormin for benigne palpitations for about 12 yrs now, once told that it was PAC' biggy, only other hx is GERD....i missed one dose of the Tenormin , have done this before without problems....Also, just started on 1/2 of lowest dose of thyroid med due to ? low thyroid function...forgot to take that too....l am really scared this will happen again,,,what if l am driving or working.... l think is was a big run of PSVT!...l am a BIG scardy cat....and no l did not call my MD or go to ER since it resolved............l know l know.....bad patient...l admit...........still have the jitters and l have to work tomorrow.........LR


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All I can say is... CALL YOUR MD!!

We don't want anything bad happening to you, so you have to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!

okay, now, I hope you do what you need to do, and feel better...

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How scary!! By all means, MAKE that call to your cardiologist! You know what's needed (we all do, we're great at denial tho'!!): EKG, maybe holter monitor, meds review, general H & P . . .

Please do it, for yourself, your family and us. Hugs to you. -- D


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First let me say I'm sooo very sorry to hear this...:o I truly hope this is nothing, and won't happen again. you know what we're all going to say ...right?? Now go...and worry about work later. Or make an appt, but go check it out...please..:)


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Thanks guys, l am going to call my pcp tomorrow while at work...when my sx's resolved, l rationalized, l knew what was in store at the ER....EKG of little value when asymptomatic, probably might have drawn cardiac enzymes, not likely to come back pos...l have taken care of so many pts w/ svt, pushed adenocard and sent them home after they converted.....figured there wasn't much left for them to do for me....but l will follow least l work in the ER...l will be in the right place if it does happen again.....thanks for all your kind thoughts......and l gotta make sure my hair stays clean!.............LR


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Yea, I understand about the hair (been there). But really you have got to see your doctor.

Don't we just have the fine art of denial down pat:kiss


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Yep...and it looks like this ER nurse should get a degree in it...:chuckle JK...I understand and I probably would have done the same dang thing...but ..umm you know...yeah you know..:cool:


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And what would you tell your patient...? Go to the DR. You big chicken. Could be a thyroid storm...

Also if you are grubby, just go to a different hospital than the one you work at.

Goodluck.. crossing my fingers that its a nothing.

Just think how relieved you will be when you find out that all is ok.

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LOL at the hair:) I can imagine doing that myself too;)

Sounds scary for you lrae, please get yourself to a MD when your hair is done! Better to be safe than sorry hey.

Hope there is no next time, but if there is......remember the Val Salva!!!!


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Any possibility it was a panic attack? The symptoms you describe are all classic...

Sudden onset

Heart palpitations/heart racing

fear of dying

hot flashes



Calling your MD is a great idea! You have lots of diagnoses to pick from now! :)


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Your 2 year old grandson? Lordy Leah, you've posted your pic before, and you don't look like a grandma!

So, now that my palpitations have ceased after finding out that hot mamma Leah is someone's grandma, I'll give you the same advice everyone else has. SEE YOUR DOC!

And you are not alone, I would have been thinking about my hair too! :uhoh21:



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ahhh, the kind words alone here should make me better....Heather, FINALLY, this round baby face pays off...LOL...thanks for the compliment.....good genes, can't take credit. l usually tell ppl l got married when l was 12!..LOL..dgtr did have her baby young at what's a gal to do?

today l am sched to work and l still feel jittery, like it could happen again, almost thought it would again this morn, then l got better...whew!.....You know, l did think about panic attack, but my heart was beating SO hard you could see my chest thumping!...l am leaning toward the thyroid theory...will call my MD today.....well, thanks again l truley appreciate the support ...makes it less scarey.......LR

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