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Testing in nursing seems to be different than anything I have known. I guess it is due to the fact they are giving questions in NCLEX style. Anyone have any tips???

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I always recommend the book" Test Success for Beginning Nursing Students" . This is an awesome book. It has helped me tremendously. The book really helps you to learn how to answer NCLEX style questions which are what nursing exams are made up of. Good luck.

Practice as many questions as you can.

I highly recommend the Saunders NCLEX guide. It can take you all the way through nursing school. The CD is awesome, tons of questions. Do the questions at the back of your book, and on any CD that it comes with.

Also don't read into the questions. Don't think about what "you" would do. What "you" would do in a particular situation might not be what you should do as a nurse. For example, a thread we had a while back about Adolescents and preventing cervical cancer- I forget the exact question but the choices were teach about the HPV vaccine, teach abstinence and other choices. The OP chose teach abstinence because she said she would not want a nurse telling her adolescent about HPV vaccine. She felt that it would be a greenlight for the child to have sex. (I am paraphrasing, but that's the gist of it) - You can't do that when answering these questions. Don't put your personal opinion in there or what you would do in your own personal life. Think what should you the nurse do.

Don't read into the questions. Answer it for what it is. If they did not provide added info, don't add your own and think well what if this that and the other is happening. Nope, answer it for what it is!

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You cannot "wing it" with Nursing tests, you have to really understand the information in order to think critically about situations. Read a little bit every day, do not cram for tests.

Google "Nurse Logic"

With practice, you'll get it. I also recommend NCLEX books as well as the book Fundamentals Success.

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