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Hi all.

Tomorrow I am officially changing my major from elementary Ed. to Nursing. I have had such a hard time trying to decide what I want to do but in the long run, I think I will enjoy nursing much more. I am hoping to get into Pediatric or Psychiatric nursing... I love kids but I find mental health so fascinating and IMPORTANT! (My grandparents were both Psychiatric nurses, my mom is a secretary in a Mental Hospital).

So right now, I go to school in VA but I am moving to RI next year with my boyfriend. I am thinking of applying to URI because I have an acquaintance who got a BSN from URI and has a great job in a Pediatrician's office. Some girls have all the luck!

Anyway, I took an anatomy class in HS, none of the blood and guts grossed me out... so that's a good sign. I still wonder if I'll be able to handle the vomit and mucus and urine.. but I figure once I become a mom that stuff's gonna happen anyway, so why stress it? Someone has to do it, right? :)

So at least say hi...

I'm like, so excited... I'm gonna be aNURSE! (in 3 and a half years :p)


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Welcome and good luck in your new venture. This is a great place to get the support that you need in nursing school.

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Originally posted by studentdeb

Welcome and good luck in your new venture. This is a great place to get the support that you need in nursing school.

That about sums it up! Welcome!

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Hi Cassiggity! I recently made the decision to go into nursing, as well (over the summer). Unfortunately, I didn't come up with that decision while I was still in college, so I have to go back to school!

Congratulations on your decision! :balloons:


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well I will be new to it also.But the bodily functions and so forth aren't that bad I was a CNA for four years in an althemerz( spelled wrong) ward and then a mental instituion for two years.That is the easy part.:rolleyes:


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HI ! :) and Welcome to the BB

Good Luck with school !


welcome! :)


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and welcome to the board. all the best to you.


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Well the switch was quite easy.

I am meeting with my new advisor on Friday... whoohoo!


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