I'm New To This And Am Addicted Already....

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I'm relatively new to this bulletin board, about two weeks or so. And in these two weeks I have seen topics we at work are having conversations about! I have learned a great deal already! And I can see there is a wealth of knowledge I can gleen from. What this bulletin board does is what is known in Hawaii as "talk story". And boy, have I l learned bunches already!

Much Aloha,



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Hi Tammy! Welcome to the boards!

It is easy to get addicted and I come here at least once a day to get my fix!



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Welcome to the boards!!!

Be careful once you get sucked in here there is NO turning back!!!

*evil laugh*:devil:


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I feel the same way Tammy! I'm new here too, and now I can vent with other NURSES, it's so important. Most other people just don't understand! Everyone here is so awesome!


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I know what you mean. My boyfriend's tired of me hijacking his computer!:chuckle


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welcome to the boards Tammy.

My name is Richard and I am an allnurses addict.......:D


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Yes it's easy to get addicted. It's the first thing I do after I get my morning coffee. Welcome aboard. This board has a wealth of knowledge


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I'm an addict, too... I have certain threads I read over & over. Glad to be here.... I love the stories!


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This 'Addiction' effects the 'Mind&Heart.' Welcome All...

Welcome aboard!


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Alright, I need serious addiction counseling. I've been on the internet all night, mostly on this site. Got my days and nights all messed up...I feel like I'm working night shift again! My dog even gave up on me and went to sleep in the other room! HEEELLLLLPPPPPP!


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Good To See you here.

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