I'm a New RN in Vermont, and I Can't Find Hospital/Clinical Work! Any Suggestions?

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Hi! I recently moved to Vermont, Williston/Burlington area to be specific. And I acquired my RN license in Vermont this last November. I've been busily searching for an RN job opportunity at any nearby hospital, but I'm not having much luck. Every time I apply for an open position, I receive a reply that I'm not qualified enough because I'm a New Grad. I understand that I don't have any hospital experience outside of clinical rotations, but I'm a hard worker and I learn quick. I just want a chance to get my foot in the door! Does anyone, who is perhaps from Vermont, have any suggestions for where I should look and apply? Of course I applied to Fletcher Allen's New Grad program and I'm in their applicant pool, but they don't have any positions open currently. I would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!!

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Hi! I'm also an RN in Vermont. My first suggestion is to stay far, far away from any facility run by Kindred. Some hospitals open their spring new grad programs in April or May. If you get licensed in New York, you may be able to find work at CVPH or other facilities across the lake.

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So sorry to hear you are struggling. It is also very difficult finding available RN positions in NE Ohio as well. My sister has been a nurse since May 2013 and is having a very difficult time finding a position. There's so many new grads applying for the same jobs! I am awaiting my NCLEX, so I'm sure it won't be long before I run into the same problem. Good luck to you, hopefully something will give!:nurse:

Hi, so sorry you're having trouble. While you wait for a few positions to open up at FAHC, maybe try Northwest medical center in st albans, or central vermont medical center in montpelier/barre. I know someone who got her start at CVMC and was prepared enough to become a traveler after that. Sometimes there are open new-grad slots that are unofficially held for nursing assistants who will be graduating soon, or students who did really well in their clinicals on a specific unit. Agree with previous poster - steer clear of Kindred (that's what I've heard). Have you had a phone interview yet with one of the FAHC nurse recruiters? PM message me if you'd like more specific info that can't be posted in the thread. best of luck to you!

Thanks for the advice! And I appreciate the warning about Kindred...out of curiosity, why do you suggest staying clear from them? I actually interviewed with Kindred, but I might caution taking a job with them now. Also, I have applied to Northwestern and Central Vermont Medical Center, but both hospitals told me they were looking for experienced nurses, so I wasn't qualified enough. To answer the question regarding whether I've interviewed with a FAHC recruiter...yes, I did complete a video interview in the Fall and they proceeded to put me in their applicant pool. However, I wasn't selected for a position, and now I'm in their applicant pool again since they opened another New Grad program this month. I'm just playing the waiting game :( But I'd love to get my foot in the door with Fletcher Allen...just trying to stay positive that something will open up for me. Also, best of luck to the previous poster and passing the NCLEX! While I was studying for the exam I found a letter written by an anonymous nurse in a book at Barnes N Noble. I thought it was very special and great advice! :up: My bf posted on Reddit about it, and it became popular very quick! My girlfriend is studying for her nursing license exam and found this envelope tucked in a book at B&N [X-post from r/nursing] : pics

Thanks for the advice! And I appreciate the warning about Kindred...out of curiosity, why do you suggest staying clear from them? I actually interviewed with Kindred, but I might caution taking a job with them now.

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I worked at a Kindred facility. After 5 days of classroom orientation and 2-1/2 days orienting on the floor, I was on my own. After 6 weeks of Hell I ran screaming. I'd previously worked with 2 people who had worked at the same facility, and 1 who had worked at a Kindred facility near Chicago; their stories were the same.

My advice may not mean much as I am currently an PN student...but it is to my understanding that in the real world we often have to take the job we don't want before we can get the job we really want. Have you considered looking into any LTC positions? it's not ideal but it would give you some floor experience.

CRharris - Kindred is a for-profit nursing home company. You will get next to zero orientation before being thrown to the wolves...and if anything happens they will happily lay all "blame" at your doorstep. Also FYI they will not have in-house physician support. I simply will never work anywhere but a level I trauma/teaching hospital.

MissM.RN, thanks for the heads up! I definitely won't be accepting any offers from Kindred. That does not sound like the kind of work environment I want to be in. I'm still having no luck getting my foot in the door as a New Grad. I'm so anxious to begin work, but feeling so lost. I'm starting to look for some certification courses to possibly add more to my resume and help keep my skills fresh. Of course, I'm not even sure where to begin with that and what certification courses will be most beneficial...

CRHarris - there are a couple of RN jobs posted at FAHC that don't explicitly state 'no new grads'. go the website and see if they're truly new - maybe there are new openings for you to apply to! FYI: Baird3 = ortho Baird4 = general medicine Baird5 = peds Baird6 = surgery M3/M4 = SICU/MICU/PICU, M5 = cardiac/tele, M6 = neurosurg, M7 = L&D

MissM.RN - thanks for the advice! I've actually been in FAHC's new grad applicant pool since last October, and they just recently had job openings for new grads, yayy! I already had one interview, so things are looking up :D

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