I'm an MSN now!

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I graduated last night. Can't believe it's all over. I still have to take the AGCNS exam. But the school and clinical hours are over.


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Awesome, what an achievement!! Congratulations!!! I start in March 2015, so I am a bit jealous.....:woot:

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Congrats on this milestone. Best wishes on your specialty exam. See a very bright nursing career head.

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Congratulations to you for an awesome job! You'll rock the AGCNS exam.

I should also mention that one of our longtime site administrators is an APRN and CNS with a successful career.


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Thank you all! "CNS pride"- yay!


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Congratulations! I remember how good the feeling felt! Enjoy it because you earned it! Bask in the glow.

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happy dance for you!!!


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Congratulations! I finished in August and took and passed the exam in October so I know just what you're feeling! Completing the program was a very challenging and rewarding experience, but I'm so glad it's over!

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