I'm 17 and would like to start my nurisng carrer

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I'm 17 and want to start my nursing career by becoming a CNA. I would like become a midwife nurse in the future. I wanted to know in New York State or CT State can I become a certified nursing assistant at the age of 17 since I won't be turning 18 until march 29th. I would like to work as a CNA while I save up to go to school for LPN nursing. Can someone please help me and give me advice on how to start up my career.

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Good morning, and welcome to allnurses! I have moved your post to the pre-nursing forum to ensure maximum responses and helpful advice. Best of luck!

I'm not familiar with your area but I would recommend you find a school that offers CNA certification class and talk to an advisor about your options.

In my area the community colleges offers the class needed.

Search the state's BON website, or call them and ask


I took my CNA class at 17! I didn't actually go through with getting the certificate because I found that I wouldn't enjoy working with the elderly very much. I do believe you have to be 18 to do any CNA or homecare work but in the meantime you could be a babysitter or work at a small daycare. that will show you care for others and will build your references.

since you're still in high school, search around for free CNA programs for HS students or cheaper programs at community college.

best of luck!

I'm not still in high school I dropped out to get my GED.

But I heard of 16 year olds working a nursing homes.

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Most states have a minimum age for certification and work of 18 (19 in NE) unless you are an emancipated minor you cannot consent to follow HIPAA. You can't do certain skills you can't legally work in certain environments

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