I'm a graduating nursing student...and I know NOTHING!!!!

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You'll learn everything on the job. Best of luck.... Don't forget to apply to grad school soon! :)

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lostinreality you sound like you have a terrific preceptor! :) I'm so happy for you! She really is a pro. I too experienced a great deal of anxiety. I even asked for more time orienting (first job for me) But after 3 months orienting I felt fine. (I laugh about it now telling everyone it took me 3 months) Everyone around me was very supportive and I quickly came to realize that I was never alone. I would always have a support person because everyone is like extended family ready to help out. For me, things go in one ear and out the other but even I learned the job! :)

Today was a new nurses first or second day on her own. She was so nervous. Everyone helped when they could. One nurse did a blood sugar for her. While she was indisposed the doc came in so I went in the pt's room with him and removed the bandages from the pt. Then did wound care and re bandaged the pt. It felt wonderful to help someone else out the way I was helped at times. (passing it on) :D

When you get your first job it will be like this too. You sound like you have a great opportunity with this preceptor because she really likes to teach. Good luck and keep us posted :redpinkhe

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