I'm EMPLOYED after relocating to New England, FINALLY!


I graduated Dec of 2009 and immediately relocated to Southern New England. I knew NO ONE here, let alone in the hospitals. I applied everywhere. After HUNDREDS of apps, and quite a bit of really creative networking, I finally started to get offered interviews. A few were cancelled for various reasons. Finally I went on my first interviews last week, one for a major teaching hospital, one for a clinic. Both really, really great positions.

Today the hospital called and offered me the position!!!! I'm a Neonatal ICU nurse now!!


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Congrats on your new position! Perserverence really does pay off!

Jules A, MSN

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Wow what a great first job!! Many congratulations especially for continuing to be positive and search. Please keep us posted on how it goes.

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Congratulations! And very impressive, considering that to do it, you moved TO an area that's scarce in Nursing Jobs to begin with.


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Congratulations on the new job, and such a great department!! :yeah::yeah:




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Congratulations :up::yeah::yeah::nurse:


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New Grad in RI, looking to take my boards in August. Welcome to New England. Any question about RI, I will try and help. Nice place and lots to do.


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Congratulations, Bobbkat, on your perseverance, your hard work and your determination to find a position that would meet both your personal *and* professional needs. May you and your new job be a perfect match.



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Thanks, everyone! I started work...it feels SO nice to be working as an RN finally. I'm still in classroom orientation stuff, but can't wait to start on the floor.


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As long as ur in thats all that matters u will work ur way to the top ;-)