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Found out that one of my coworkers was involved in her very first code blue. She is a relatively new nurse. When she called the code, the manager ran in, while a CNA grabbed the crash cart. Instead of waiting for the crashcart to arrive, the coworker gave the 85yo man (a cancer patient) 2 rescue breaths....without a mask on. The manager did not stop her, in fact, I heard she praised her....since nurses are supposed to do whatever it takes to protect their patient.

Call me what you want, but there is no way I am putting my mouth against my patients mouth wihout a mask on. Protect my patients, yes.... but I come first, too. This man was undergoing chemo, chances are, like many chemo patients, he had fungal infections in his mouth. I am very disturbed that out manager didn't intervene. If it was too late for her to intervene, she should have had a big discussion with her, and possibly write up a incident report.

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Re: I'm very disturbed by this I'm interested in this aspiration TB transmission story. From the mid 1960's to about 1998 I have found one case of this occurring. It seems to be rather rare?


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