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hey everyone!

I'm here to do a little celebratory dance because I, too, have finished a big *obstacle* (project) for the semester! It is one of the papers due in our med/surg rotation and it worked out to be about 15 pages. Unfortunately it isn't near as interesting as crna's webpage about body altering and infection... but I am just so RELIEVED to have something done.

I was beginning to feel like I was running in circles and never getting anywhere.

Now, I only have the other 9 papers to do before the end of the semester. Sheesh.

Hope everyone is having a good day.


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Congrats! I bet that is such a relief!!!


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Actually it is... its freed up some time to work on MORE school work. Yippee. :roll

Spring break, where are you?


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way to go! i'm new to this website. it's an assignment for class and it's interesting. i, too, am going to start on a big research project for a class soon. it sure will be nice when that is done!


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Hey, that's great news! Doesn't it feel nice not to have that hanging over your head? I can totally relate :roll .

moni rn

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that has got to be a great feeling!

way to go! :roll

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