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Hi everyone i really need ur advice.I am here in Washington in a tourist visa,I already passed california nclex exam,english exam and i have a visa screen already.I have 3yr.experinece in medical-surgical ward in the PHilippines.Before i left Phil,I already have a contact with an agency here in washington.I will be having an interview with one of the facililty that she is connected to.She said that i am not qualified with H1b visa since i have no specialty in a certain area that is why she's gonna apply for a green card.She will let me pay her 6k for the processing of my papers then 5k each for my family member.I am confused bec.i know that there is no opening for a green card right now,but she told me that i will be given a temp.work permit if my green card is not yet approved so that i could work.Do you think that it would work?bec,as what i have heard only H1b is open right now.then my family do you think i have to let them come here first before applying since they also have a tourist visa already.one more thing the agency told me that i can file my change of status after 1month but as what i know its 60 days,do you have any idea?I know that the agency is asking too much for me,its very costly,but do you think its worth paying?we will be working with the contract next week and i have to pay her before we seal the contract.i am quite sure that the agency is not an illegal one bec.it has been recommended by my cousins friend.please please guide me with this matter asap.thank you

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Before you say yes, sign or agree to anything, I would contact my immigration dept and also check with the board of nursing were you are. I wouldn't be quick to pay that much money too fast..... be carefull and check with others who may have done the same thing or have been in the same situation.

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Absolutely check with Immigration and/or your Board of Nursing before you sign or pay ANYTHING. They are the ultimate experts, not this lady you've spoken to.

Also, don't be too quick to rely just on word of mouth about the validity of this agency; different people have different experiences and the word of one certainly will not constitute the opinion of all. You can always check with the Better Business Bureau in the city or state the agency is located, or you can contact the state board of nursing and they can put you in touch with someone like that.

Always be very cautious when paying out such a large amount of money, scams are everywhere...

Sounds VERY fishy to me.

Please be careful as there are people everywhere that will say anything just to get your last doller.

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Moved to the International forum and would also suggest you read the answers in this thread H1b visa for nurses under FY 2010

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