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I'm in at case western 2010!!! Anyone else??


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I got my acceptance letter to Case Western CRNA 2010 this past sat. Is there anyone else out there that will be in my class??:yeah::p


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I got accepted back in Sept. and looking forward to returning to Cleveland this summer.

Are you from Cleveland or where?



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I am from Cleveland, and just interviewed last Tues and found out Sat. What a relief! Where are you coming from? Have you decided where to do your clinicals?

Really? You got a letter that fast? I interviewed in November and have not heard anything. My friend interviewed last Tuesday also and has not heard a thing. What type of unit do you work in?


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Yep. I got my letter last Sat. I work in a open heart unit. Where do you work at? What about your friend? How long was her interview?

YOO HOO, Me too!

Got a letter today, mailed last Friday, but took 6 day to go 100 miles.

OMG, I feel so honored!:yeah::D


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When I interviewed in Sept my acceptance letter was postmarked 3 days after the interview. For some they decide right away and for the ones that they are unsure about- they wait until they interview the majority of the people- say around Jan/Feb.

Im traveling right now and I work everything between CTICU, trauma ICU, transplant, SICU, MICU and even the burn unit on occasion.

As for clinicals I havent decided between UH and CCF. CCF sounds nice but I heard they pay their CRNAs $60k instead of their usual $120k the first 2 years.

Sounds like Id be losing more than I gain. I have to look into it. Any idea when we need to decide?


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CONGRATS!!! I got your PM last week but I am unable to use that option. I can't wait to start. I feel like I have a ton to do before hand. Where are you from?:w00t:


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I have many friends that did the CCF clinicals and it isn't true about the pay. You owe them 30 months of service after school and will get paid the starting salary not a reduced rate.

The school will send out a wish list when they start to assign clincal spots. When I shadowed and met up with Sharon and Paul I believe they said the spring is when they send those out.

I got my letter last week. Have not decided yet if I will attend Case Western or go elsewhere. I have to take Stats again in order to attend Case :-( Also all the nursing theory classes do not excite me.


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where else u thinking of going?

I need to take the stats again too but CWRU is a really great program.

I've also worked at CCF as an agency nurse and know it's in the top 5 favorites hospitals I've been outta 40+


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Did you get in elsewhere? All CRNA programs require some kind of stats within a specific amount of time, and they all have theory. Yuck! When do you have to send in your letter of accepting their admission?


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Hey!! So since I can't PM you I will just answer you here. The deal with CCF clinicals is that you will get $1000 a month plus health insurance and PTO time. After you are done with school, they will offer you a job and you will make their starting salary and you will owe them 30 months before that school money is paid off. If you can't stay, then you work out something with the CCF office and pay them off in a year. It doesn't matter if you work there or not ahead of time, you have to take the money. Have you thought UH or Summa? Are you local to the area?


Thanks for the explaination. I have much to learn. Still a little confused. My lettter, check and head shot has to be to admission by 01/29/10. I sent it express and the USPS delivered it to the wrong Post Office- I will have to trouble shoot it tomorrow. I am not local to Cleveland.

I took stats 9 years ago, all the other programs I applied to are fine with that. All the MSN anesthesia programs have nursing theory, but the MS in Nurse Anesthesia programs do not have nursing theory, their didactic is more focused on the hard sciences. Look at the curriculums, they vary widely. Ultimately all programs give you the the ability to be a CRNA, it just depends on your preference. CCF will provide unmatched acutiy, but do you have to take a 2nd seat to MD Anesthesia residents? I have heard of some horror stories from some MSN programs (not Case Western) where they had to write a ton of papers and do all this BS that was in no way related to anesthesia.

I got accepted to Mercer and am waiting to hear from USC and Kaiser. I like Mercer because it is a medical school with no anesthesia residents, so SRNA's = residents = great training. Plus they average 1200+ cases, more than anywhere else I have talked to. I also liked that the curriculum was mostly free of fluff classes.

USC program looks strong. Have heard awesome things about Kaiser, but again they have a ton of fluff classes too. Congrats to everyone who was accepted, Case Western has a great name and I am sure you will be happy there.


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I interview in two weeks, how intimidating was it? I've already met with Paul when I shadowed a CRNA couple months ago and he seems like a very nice guy but I haven't met with anyone else on the panel. Any insights?

Having interviewed way back in Novemeber and not having heard anything, except the "We will let you know late Feb/early March" I can only assume that I did not get in at this point.

Does anyone know of any stories of where someone DID get if they did not get letters as fast as the ones who did get in?

:confused: Actually, it kind of stinks. If they don't want you, they should let you know as fast as the ones who did get in.

I have a friend who interviewed in January and they have not heard anything either. They, too are assuming they did not get in.

All of my sources (2 people) on the panel have told me off the record that they pretty much know who they are going to take before you even walk into the room for the interview. As I mentioned in another post, someone who they know they want has to really screw up the interview not to get in.

Conversely, they also know beforehand if they don't want you. No matter how good you are in the interview, they have already made up their minds that you are not in. The one person told me she can remember maybe one time where a person was tagged as "unwanted" beforehand but then made it anyway.

Basically, if you are stellar, they will want you, and DESERVINGLY so.

BUT, there are cases of inferior people who haven't even met the one year minimum ICU experience requirement who have gotten in. There are people who have literally graduated as a nurse in May, interviewed in the fall of the same year, and then got in!!!

OK, so maybe they have stellar grades. But, is it really fair that they are not following their own guidelines for admissions?? They claim to put so much importance of experience and yet they take people who are barely off orientation in their FIRST nursing job!! Heck, most of them have never even seen a code, much less participated in one.

I have also heard, although they didn't tell me this, that they highly recommend the book "Sleep With This Book" as a guide for getting into the program. I did some research on the book. Turns out that the person who wrote the book applied to 50 (yes 50) schools and never got in.

Maybe I am sounding like a sore loser...But is it really fair that:

- They make people wait so long to find out that they did NOT make it.

- They don't even follow their OWN guidelines of minimum requirements?

- They recommend books that are both slammed by Amazon.com reviewers and whose advice never worked for the author?

I don't have a problem losing out to more qualified people. The role of a CRNA is a very serious one. Only the best should make it. Having read some of the bios of these posts and it certainly appears that they are very qualifed. So, congratulations to those who made it.

What I do have a problem with are those few individuals who really don't deserve to get (which is not to say they wouldn't be qualifed with more experience).

As for me....I am burned out on bedside nursing so I guess I will go get a job at McDonalds making cheeseburges and obliging to the customer who request extra pickles on their triple decker big mac. :eek:

It is a bummer to wait so long for an answer. They are not breaking their admission rules though. You have to have 1 year ICU experience before the program starts, so someone who graduated in May can qualify to attend school in August of the following year.

There are different opinions about the experience factor. I have talked to a lot of CRNA's and anesthesiologists who basically say that there is little correlation from ICU to Anesthesia and you should just get on with school and learn anesthesia. I have also talked to CRNA's who felt extensive ICU experience was critical to learning anesthesia well. I think a lot depends on the individual. I personally think 2 years is a great number. You become pretty comfortable in the ICU by that time, but not yet an expert. After 2 years, the law of diminishing returns kicks in big time.