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Hello All!!!

Well the wedding and honeymoon (sigh) are over and Im ready to get back into studying. (There was a massive freak spring snow storm that decided to roll through 2 hours before the ceremony, that has to be good luck or something right?) I only have the FCCA and the dreaded CPNE. (dun dun dunnnnnnn) Any who, I am trying to pick out what I really need, I dont want to waste money. I already know that the flashcards from EC are pretty good but what about all the conferences? Did anyone use them and find the helpful? They seem a little pricey...

Hope everyone is doing good and still on track. I have alot of posts to read to get caught up!!! :)


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I am planning to do the care planning online conference, I think this is where I would need the most help. I am also planning on doing the documentation online conference. I figure I am going to do all I can to pass this beast the first time.

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Welcome back! Happy studying!!! Traci


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Welcome back! Glad your stressfull times have lightened up a bit. I recommend the Careplanning and online conference. If you are not strong in your assessment skills, I hear the skills conference is good.


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Congrats to you!!! I did not use anything except Rob's DVD and the EC message boards. Found an old VHS tape of the lab sims (2005). Even though it was old, it was exactly like the sims. I had no surprises, and did everything the way they did it and passed. If you are not familiar with careplans, perhaps you could go to a web site mentioned on the EC EPN network to help you. If you are like me and did not have the extra money for the classes. Best of luck to you!!!!

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