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I'm so not an artist...

I'm only in my pre-requisites right now, but in both of my anatomy and physiology classes I have had to draw a lot of different slides of things. I am terrible at drawing, so I hate doing this because, honestly, it's embarrassing to me for my instructor to see my pitiful drawing skills. To me, it seems like drawing doesn't help me much anyways because I can never get my drawings to even look much like what I actually see on the slides. Is drawing something that you have to do a lot of once you start the actual nursing program, or is this just an a&p thing?

WanderingWilder specializes in Med-Surg.

A and P thing...I wouldn't worry about your drawing skills I'm sure your not the worst the instructor has ever seen.

Buyer beware specializes in GENERAL.

Seriously. Stay with the spore cluster hyphae.

They look like stick figures and circles anyway.

She'll think you're Michangelo and you'll ace the course.

UnicornMagic specializes in Telemetry.

The only thing you will be drawing in nursing school is medication, and that will be with a syringe :)


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