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I am currently in the process of visa screen application. I took the NCLEX in 2011 and have a current and valid registered nurse license in the state of Illinois. With my visa screen application, I was told to submit request of validation of license form as proof of passing NCLEX. I sent the form to IDFPR Springfield address and they sent a validation of license back to CGFNS but I'm still being asked to submit proof of NCLEX. When I spoke with CGFNS, they said that they did get a form but there was no mention of NCLEX in the form. When I spoke with IDFPR, they said they do verification of licenses but they have their own form and do not fill out the form from CGFNS. Did anyone else encounter a problem like this? I do not know where else to send the form, or how to obtain proof of NCLEX. I already emailed CGFNS telling them that I will not have a valid and active license if I did not pass the NCLEX but they haven't respond yet.

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Did you figure this out? Please help me. I don't know where to mail this validation of license as a requirement for visa screening.

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Hi Karlaenco! Were you able to figure this out? I'm also experiencing the same problem. I contacted the State of Illinois BON but they did not give me clear answers. God bless.


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Hi Karlaenco,

Were you able to figure out how to obtain the proof of NCLEX from IL BON? I'm on the same predicament here. I need help please.

Thank you very much!


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Maybe the proof of nclex is the NCLEX PASS LETTER, the one with ur photo from Pearsonvue that u will ask from your BON.IN Ca BRN there is 10 USD fee to request..Just request ur BON to submit the NCLEX Pass Letter to CGFNS.


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CFGNS will use your license validation/verification as proof of NCLEX. Just send IDFPR a letter explaining that you need your license verificationsent to CGFNS with a 20$ check. IDFPR will not use CGFNS forms, they will send their own and it's ok.Once CGFNS received it they'll use this as a license verification AND nclex pass proof.

here's the link with IDFPR adress :

CGFNS wont use Nursy as it is BON to BON thats why you have to ask IDFPR to send it directly to CGFNS


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Hi! Just read your comment. Now, I know why they cannot accept the document from NURSYS. IDFPR stated all RN must not contact them but have to print it from NURSYS. I had done just like that and GFNS won't accept it. This is very confusing and misleading, honestly. Now, I need to send a letter to IDFPR again.


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Sorry, I forgot to thank you . I was just so frustrated I didn't remember to acknowledge this very helpful information of yours. Thank you again.


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Hey this is an old topic. I got my Visascreen after complaining to CGFNS a few times. I found the whole process truly frustrating. Good luck on your journey. IDFPR took a week to send my license validation but CGFNS took 2 months to open the letter.


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Yes it is old. But I guess the thread I have read about this(where I came up with their pdf file about NURSYS) was older. I wish I have stumbled upon your comment earlier that way I'd do both ways to make sure. From the start of processing for CES until NCLEX and now this, I can't imagine the frustration I had then and now and for sure most RNs also experienced that. I'll call CGFNS tomorrow just to make sure about the NURSYS document, emails are so vague I can barely gather any relevant info from them.


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I feel your pain. NURSYS can't be use by CGFNS anyways...

when IDFPR will take money from your bank account just call them to confirm they sent the license certification to CGFNS. After that the waiting game begin. CGFNS won't be able to confirm if they received the letter or not as you won't have any tracking number. IDFPR just use regular mail so it's impossible to have one.