where are people doing their prerequisites in chicago?

  1. having a hard place finding anatomy and physiology 1 and others for the summer.

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  3. by   oMerMero
    have you checked out the city colleges of chicago?
  4. by   firstyearRN
    Thanks, I did - can't seem to find A&P but they have the others.
  5. by   Trigirl
    The City Colleges are your best bet. You should check out Truman college. They have open spots for A&P I for summer 07. They start on June 6.
  6. by   FoxyRoxy21
    I know the C.C.'s in the burbs fill up pretty fast.
  7. by   summersent
    does it matter where you get your prereq's? I mean will a college or university take a prereq in A&P I from a community college?
  8. by   Crouton2004
    I am taking all of my pre reqs at Chicago City Colleges. They have every pre-req needed. www.ccc.edu
  9. by   prinsessa
    I took all my pre-reqs at CCs. It is much cheaper and they are more likely to have evening classes. Good luck!
  10. by   firstyearRN
    Thanks for all your suggestions. I'm having trouble getting into the CCs because I don't have the prereqs for the prereqs!!! (intro to bio, etc.)
  11. by   healinghearts84
    hi! i went to loyola university for my undegrad degree, i know that they offer A&P over the summer because i know a close friend who had to because she transfered into our program a year late and had to catch up. however, i received my BSN from there and we took our prereqs with our nursing classes so i am not sure if you have be enrolled in the program or not. i don't see why not because it wasn't just nurses in that class, and even so, there is no reason why you cannot take the class there. however, loyola a private school so classes probably cost a fortune, i know my education did...or i should say...i will be swimming in loans in about 6 mos! good luck with whatever college you chose, truman is also good, and there is also north park!
  12. by   livingthedream
    I took my prereqs at CCC - I went to Harold Washington. I was LESS THAN HAPPY with the teacher for A&P2 but enjoyed the A&P1 guy. I went to advising and gave them my undergrad degree and demanded that I get right into A&P with no other requirements. Harper in the burbs allows that. They made me get department/chair and pres of school to sign off. I did and I did fine in the classes - getting B's in both (I work full time). So don't let them tell you that you must take something else - work around it, no one has the time to take classes they don't need.

    CCC does have night classes and day classes as well.... but if you are in the burbs - I liked HARPER a lot.