Questions about JJC nursing program

  1. Anyone know what color scrubs the JJC nursing students wear? Also, when in the program were you allowed to use a ipod touch or tablet in classroom or at clinical? Are there any real differences between the day program and evening program (besides the schedule)?

    Enquiring minds want to know! hehe
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  3. by   megc629
    The students wear wine (maroon) colored scrubs. You also have the option to wear white.

    Many students use their phone to record lectures. Some people use laptops during theory to type notes. I haven't really seen much of that at clinical though. You can have a clipboard, but often times you don't have a place to leave your belongings. And if you have a patient on isolation, I wouldn't bring anything like that into the patient's room.

    I think the content is slightly different for nights as far as what is covered in each lecture. But overall, I believe the day and evening programs take the same final.

    Hope that helps.
  4. by   jrt71
    Thanks so much Megc629, that helps a bunch. I think I will get an ipod touch then as I would definitely like to record the lectures. I heard that the day class has 60+ people in it. How do they fit all those people in one class? Is everyone in a big lecture room/hall or do they spit those people up into smaller classes?

    Thanks for the info
  5. by   megc629
    For 1st semester students, they separate you into 3 lecture groups. The lecture times are 8-10, 10-12 and 1-3. You have lecture twice per week (Mon and Fri) and clinical topics with just your clinical group (approx 8 people) once per week.
  6. by   samirish
    Good luck in the program, I heard its a very good one.
  7. by   jrt71
    Thanks for the info Megc629. Its much appreciated!
  8. by   jem8945
    Has anyone herd anything about the admission decision for spring 2012? Do you know when they are going to send out the e-mails?
  9. by   b&g'smom

    I was accepted for Spring 2011 and received my acceptance letter around November if I recall correctly.
  10. by   megc629
    I think I got mine right around halloween in the fall of 09. Good luck!
  11. by   skimpstah
    Content for both day and evening programs is the SAME.
  12. by   labradors4
    I got my email yesterday. 10/20/2011, at 1pm