Malcolm X Fall 2016 (CCCSON)

  1. Hey Everyone,

    Long time lurker here!

    I made a promise to myself. The only way that I will ever make an Allnurses account, is when I apply to nursing school. Well, that time has finally arrived, and I just finished submitting my application to the City Colleges of Chicago School of Nursing. I clicked on that submit button like a boss!

    Good luck to everyone who applied.
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  3. by   mcwitty1
    Congrats! The waiting process makes me so nervous. Does anyone know when we will hear from Malcolm X?
  4. by   mariam2
    I also applied to the program. Are you guys willing to share your GPA and teas score? Good luck to everyone
  5. by   Messy

    GPA: 3.20
    READING (TEAS): 83.3%
    OVERALL (TEAS): 76.0%

    If I'm not mistaken, we should receive an email soon with more information.
  6. by   CLatonya
    Finally found a thread for CCC 2016 nursing! I applied in Feb & have been waiting so anxiously. Took the TEAS in Dec. Reading score:88.1% & overall 76.7%. GPA: 3.58. Hope I can get in.
  7. by   mariam2
    GPA: 3.3
    Teas overall score: 74.7
    Teas reading: 88.1
    I've taken A&P1 and microbiology. I'm taking A&P 227 this summer. I hope we all get in. I'm so nervous.
  8. by   mariam2
    Thanks for sharing. The wait is killing me.
  9. by   mariam2
    Wow great scores. Have you taken some of your co requisites?
  10. by   CLatonya
    I have taken every co-requisite. Got A's in AP1 & 2, and a B in Microbio. I have an Associates already, just wanted to see if I can get in this program as a backup.
  11. by   CLatonya
    Anyone knows how soon we will hear from the program?
  12. by   mariam2
    That's great! I called them today, and they said we should hear back in two weeks
  13. by   Messy
    I hope we all get in as well. My scores are not that great, but I know some people from last cycle who got in with similar scores. Has anyone been to the new Malcolm X building?
  14. by   CLatonya
    I have never been to Malcolm X. I passed the school a couple times & have not seen the new building. Hopefully all our scores & grades help us get in.