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  1. mcwitty1

    RNC-OB study materials

    Hello everyone, I plan on taking the inpatient obstetrics certification exam this Summer & hoped to get guidance on which study materials are best. Can you guys tell me what books, programs, or websites you used to study for the exam. Thanks!
  2. mcwitty1

    IL License Status pending....

    Hi Bharris1, I would recommend first waiting for your CTS letter explaining the $50 payment. Then send in your court documents on the outcome on the case, a short & simple letter of explanation of the situation, your $50 payment, & the portion of the CTS letter you have to send in with the payment ALL AT THE SAME TIME IN 1 ENVELOPE. This was a huge headache for me because I sent in things separately & it took such a long time to get my license. My start date on my job was pushed backed until my license showed up on the idfpr website. I actually drove to Springfield to get the matter resolved. While you wait for your letter you should go to the courthouse & get a copy of the record. It must have the courts official seal or stamp (I can’t think of the term they used for it). You can also prepare your letter (In my case I was arrested for driving without valid drivers license but when I brought my valid drivers license to court they threw the case out so my letter just explained that). If you were found guilty of something just explain how you changed, how much time has passed since then...etc. It can be just 1 paragraph. I really hope this helps!
  3. mcwitty1

    Has anyone received their license?

    Hi all Illinois May 2018 graduates! Did any of you receive your license yet? I've been waiting for over a month now and still no license. In case you're wondering I took the NCLEX-RN June 21st, 2018 and mailed my application to Springfield on July 5th, 2018.
  4. mcwitty1

    UIC RN to BSN

    Can anyone give insight on what to expect during this program? Which classes are hard and which classes are easy enough that you can enroll in more than one at the same time? How long did it take you to finish the program? Any tips are welcomed!
  5. mcwitty1

    How to know if your license is approved or denied?

    I'm so glad I found this post! My status on idfpr says the same thing. Has your status updated yet?
  6. mcwitty1

    IL License Status pending....

    Hello, I checked idfpr and I've received the same status as you did. Did you ever get the issue resolved? What was the cause of your message? I sent you a private message.
  7. mcwitty1

    NCLEX JUNE 2018

    Found out today that I passed! The quick results are available on Saturdays. Good luck to you all.
  8. mcwitty1

    NCLEX JUNE 2018

    Took the NCLEX yesterday afternoon 6/21 @ 2pm. I did the PVT about 2 hours later and got the "good popup". I still couldn't sleep last night because I'm so anxious to recieve the unofficial results. I used ati and uworld for my study sources but I felt uneasy with every question I answered. 48 hours for me will be Saturday afternoon so does anyone know if PearsonVue gives results on the weekend?
  9. mcwitty1

    NCLEX and Uworld

    So did you pass the nclex?
  10. mcwitty1

    Malcolm X Fall 2016 (CCCSON)

    This happened to me when I applied in 2016! I was sent a denial letter & the reasoning was I didn't take the math & English class. I took them at a different school & submitted my transcripts in person a month before (& got a receipt) so when I went to the registrar & he said I never submitted my transcript I showed him the receipt. Then he said my classes didn't transfer. I showed him on the transfer website the college recommends we use that the classes DO transfer & about 30 minutes later I received an acceptance letter. You have to advocate for yourself in this program. Don't take the first or even the second NO as final. Look at the student guide, keep receipts, and stay organized yourself & you will be successful. I am in my final semester and I'm happy I went through the program. It saved me so much money & I've met some incredible people along the way. Good luck everyone.
  11. mcwitty1

    RN to MSN

    This does help! Thanks!!
  12. mcwitty1

    Malcolm X Fall 2016 (CCCSON)

    I doubt if anyone is selling their books. We use most of them again in 2nd year.
  13. mcwitty1

    Malcolm X Fall 2016 (CCCSON)

    Hello classmates! Is anyone else as excited as me to be starting our final year?!? I have a few co-workers who graduated and some already started working as RNs in my department & I keep thinking "I can't wait for next May" :-)
  14. mcwitty1

    Malcolm X Fall 2016 (CCCSON)

    You have to wait until you're registered into the class before you can set up the payment plan. Last year we didn't get registered until after orientation, but hopefully they will be more prepared this year. You can find out what books you need from the bookstore around mid July but even then I would wait until after orientation because you may or may not need certain books. You will also get ATI books which are included in your tuition, but again, I don't know exactly when because we got ours late. You have to purchase the scrubs with the patches at the same time. They will talk about that at orientation as well.
  15. mcwitty1

    Malcolm X Fall 2016 (CCCSON)

    Yes you can enroll in a payment plan! That's what I needed to do & it worked out well. You will set up the payment plan through your my.ccc.edu account.
  16. mcwitty1

    Malcolm X Fall 2016 (CCCSON)

    Don't freak out! My goal is to prepare you for what's to come not scare you. Yes you can still work full time & do well in your classes the first year. The first semester will be a breeze if you are working as a pct. The second year will be more difficult. A friend I work with dropped down to part time during his last year. As far as scheduling you have to pick a lab section that is attached to the lecture. The program isn't that bad if you guys stay on top of your readings, don't miss any classes/clinics & communicate with your classmates. It won't be easy but I don't think any nursing program is. Good luck all!