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Hi, I would like to write a formal complaint letter against the IL BON and am wondering if anyone has suggestions as to who I should direct this letter to? I am new the Chicago area and am... Read More

  1. by   Jolie
    Quote from lizzyd
    Hopefully, I'll have my temporary license by the time I finish the hospital classes in 6 weeks. I have not read anywhere that you're not allowed to be in training classes with license pending, since there is not patient contact.
    I don't mean to further rain on your parade, but most states consider orientation to be a part of professional practice, whether or not it includes patient contact. I have moved a number of times, and have 5 licenses. Upon applying for each, I was notified that I was not allowed to work in ANY capacity as an RN without a license or temporary permit. That included orientation.

    I was forced to delay my start date at my job in PA due to an error on my permit application made by my employer. Even though the DON contacted the PA BON to correct it, I was forbidden to begin hospital orientation until I received the corrected permit.

    Please check into this.
  2. by   rninme
    IL is not the fastest state when it comes to licensure and since you are seeking a license by endorsement it might take even longer.

    IL is my original state of licensure....and I still hold 2 professional licenses from there. Never had a problem with the IDPR that a polite phone call did not solve. Springfield is a 2 hour trip from might be in your best interest to go in person and inquire about the status of your application. Be polite, be professional. Attemping to get nasty with the IDPR really might NOT be in your best interests. Good luck!
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  3. by   caroladybelle
    Quote from suzanne4
    Sorry, but that is well known fact and they do not hide it. They have every right to check out every nurse throroughly and that is their choice, and their responsiblity.

    But you may wish to be very cautious about what you are doing. If you do not have at least a temporary license from them, then you are practicing without a license, and that is grounds for never getting a license from them. Does not matter what the facility tells you, you are working in a state without even having a temporary license from them, and g-d forbid that there is ever an issue with anything, it is you that will be up a creek without a paddle. The facility could also be fined for permitting you to work without even a temporary license in hand.
    To the OP - I agree with the above.

    This time frame was typical for Florida for ages. And there were plenty of complaints, with absolutely nothing done. So feel free to waste ink writing, rarely will anything come of it. Other than more trouble getting your app accepted.

    For that matter, prior to FL using NURSYS, it would take 4-10 weeks just to get them to verify my licensure for endorsement to other states.

    A better bet would be to write to a legislator concerned with Nursing issues for that state.
  4. by   rph3664
    I hate to tell you this, but filing any kind of complaint against IDFPR is a complete waste of time. This has been going on for DECADES and is unlikely to change any time soon.


    It took me almost a year to get my pharmacist license from application to approval, and my experience was not unique. Thank heavens I didn't NEED that license; I lived in a border state and wanted it because the company I was working for relocated.
  5. by   starbin
    I guess I was lucky. I got my Temporary permit exactly within two- weeks as they had told me. I sent a complete application, copies of my initial and current licenses, fingerprint record and the fee together. License verifications were directly sent by the BONs 8 weeks after I submitted the application. And, immediately after sending my license verification from two other states where I was licensed, I got my permanent license in mail. Altogether it didn't take more than 3 months for the whole process. The only delay was because the BON of my initial licensure was taking a long time to process the verification.

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