College of Dupage letters mailed - Fall 2010

  1. College of DuPage has mailed out acceptance letters for Fall of 2010.
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  3. by   drugrep
    I received my letter from C.O.D. yesterday. We have until March 1st to accept, so don't despair if you didn't get a letter, I expect several people won't accept because they are attending different school and then COD will send out 2nd round letters.
  4. by   chicagoing
    Congratulations, drugrep, on your acceptance! Would you mind if I asked if you had completed all of the pre-reqs/gen eds before you applied?
  5. by   teresagirl
    I am so excited! Got my acceptance letter on Tuesday!
  6. by   DreaminNP
    I got accepted too!! Has anyone applied anywhere else? I accepted my seat. I have a BA degree and am hoping I am making the right decision to go the ADN route and not BSN or MSN
  7. by   teacher08

    Based on acceptance into a Nursing program for those with a Bachelor or Master degree, individuals are basically trying to get into the first program that will accept them due to wait list, tuition, distance, evening or weekend program availability, and mandatory pre-req.'s.

    At the end of all the research, everyone must make the best possible choice for him/herself and their family. Best wishes future NP.
  8. by   teresagirl
    I too have a Bachelor's Degree. I have heard great things about the program at COD and I figured I can get working and then if I'd like to go on for my Bachelor's or MSN I'll do it once I'm an RN. The cost alone helped firm up that decision for me. It's about 1/3 of the cost to get my ADN versus Bachelor's.
    Congratulations DreaminNP!
  9. by   chicagoing
    Quote from chicagoing
    Congratulations, drugrep, on your acceptance! Would you mind if I asked if you had completed all of the pre-reqs/gen eds before you applied?
    Would anyone mind sharing how many pre-reqs/gen eds you had completed prior to applying?
  10. by   teresagirl
    In answer to your question Chicagoing, I had all the required pre-reqs done except Nutrition (which I am taking right now) and my CNA licensure (which I am completing right now as well). So I had pretty much all my Pre-req's done except those two when I applied.
  11. by   DreaminNP
    thank you teresagirl! i am quite excited. congratualtions to you as well.

    chicagoing, i had all the pre-reqs done except for micro and food and nutrition.

    does anyone know when the classes are offered (night/day/both)? i am trying to line up a babysitter.

  12. by   weezbug123
    Congrats to everyone that got in!! I accepted my seat as well and can't wait to start. I have a BSN already in an unrelated field and was considering doing a direct entry program for a master's in nursing. But, I really think this is the way to go - cheaper tuition, closer to my home, and uh, did I mention cheaper? I still want to eventually get my NP, just not sure what specialty.

    Is anyone taking the CNA class over the summer at CoD?
  13. by   nowit3
    I took CNA in spring 2010 with Mrs. Kas. She will be teaching over the summer. It was held at DuPage Co. Convalescent Center. She was a great teacher and DCC was an awesome place to do clinical.

    I,too,was accepted to the Fall 2010 ADN program. Has anyone heard or received info about the orientation session for ADN?
  14. by   weezbug123
    I haven't heard anything about orientation, but I think it is usually held in July. I haven't heard anything from the financial aid office either, and I'm starting to get a bit nervous.

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