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  1. drugrep

    nursing chances

    Have a background check done on yourself.
  2. drugrep

    chicago wages

    Always consider your cost of living. Arkansas an affordable state. Illinois is outrageous compared to Indiana. Especially anything North of I-80 and East of I-39. The suburbs of Chicago are double the cost of anywhere in Indiana and it gets worse as you get closer to city. I've seen houses that sell for less than 100k in South Bend sell for 3-6 times as much in Chicago and close suburbs like Brookfield, Berwyn, etc. The far suburbs like Downers Grove have had a decent correction, but still about double over nice Indiana neighborhood and don't forget Illinois sky high property taxes. Average in DuPage county about 7k a year for average house and 14k year for custom.
  3. drugrep

    College of Dupage letters mailed - Fall 2010

    For me, 1st semester. Clinical for 6 hours 1 day a week. Lab/Lecture 6.5 hours 1 day a week. Physical Assessment 2 hours 1 day a week.
  4. Take Micro last, after you have taken EVERYTHING else.
  5. drugrep

    College of Dupage letters mailed - Fall 2010

    While you only have to have Chem & A&P 1 done, people with everything done or all but 1-2 classes by application deadline get more points toward acceptance.
  6. drugrep

    College of Dupage letters mailed - Fall 2010

    Orientation will happen before July. There needs to be enough time for background checks and ordering uniforms. I believe it will happen in April. Be patient, they'll let us know.
  7. drugrep

    CNA Textbooks

    Textbook Exchange Network. http://www.tbxn.com/
  8. drugrep

    New grad looking for jobs in chicago area

    Ryan, I'd really think twice about moving to Illinois. I am a Hoosier too and the only reason I am here is for my wife and her job. The cost of living in Illinois is ridiculous compared to Indiana. Unless you have specific reason for Chicago, nothing like good old Indiana. You'll never get ahead paying the high cost of housing or the astronomical property taxes.
  9. drugrep

    College of Dupage letters mailed - Fall 2010

    I received my letter from C.O.D. yesterday. We have until March 1st to accept, so don't despair if you didn't get a letter, I expect several people won't accept because they are attending different school and then COD will send out 2nd round letters.
  10. drugrep

    Declined nursing program. .. need to vent.

    I don't know your level of pain, but I've got L4-L5, L5-S1 flattened out and I'm starting school this Fall.
  11. Agreed with above. COD will take your Contemporary assuming it's the same 1105 with lab. That one doesn't expire, but you'll need to re-take A&P 1 and 2 if they are more than 5 years old. I think that's unfortunate, I think there should be a refresher course. That's a whole year.
  12. I wanted to put a post out there for guys (and some gals) that need tall size scrub tops like me. The best scrub top I've found for torso length is the Cherokee 4876 Unisex Tunic. It has a 29" center back length where most other tops are 27". Excellent quality and length I need. 3 Pockets for carrying stuff. I don't get the tall pants, I tend to step on the bottoms so I wear my pants a little short, but they do make the style I get In Tall. I wear the 4000 Cargo pants. There is a 4000T which is a tall version. Lots of pockets. Hope this helps.