Alexian Brothers NewGrad Residency Program

  1. Hi!
    I was wondering if anybody work for alexian brothers medical center in elk grove and if gone through the nurse residency program there. How do you like the program? Pros and cons? How long is it?
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  3. by   I'm History
    I do not work at Alexian Brothers, however I recently applied to the New Grad Residency program. Did you? Have you heard anything?

    Thank you, and good luck!
  4. by   bubbles10
    Ive not heard anything so far. But I think the length of the program is 3 mos. Please let me know how it goes for you. Did they reply to ur application?
  5. by   renee1126
    When you say you applied to the new grad residency program, do you mean you applied specifically to that? Or you filled out an application for a specific job and upon hiring you you are now in the new grad program?? I'm a new grad too and all the hospitals I've looked into have said that you have to fill out applications on line and if you're hired, then they set up orientation for you. Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything since finding a job as a new grad is near impossible these days!! -Thanks
  6. by   I'm History
    Bubbles, I have not heard anything as of yet. I wish you the best of luck. I would be happy for anyone getting a new grad position. Gotta love any hospital willing to give back a little by hiring a new grad these days.

    I did apply specificly for a New Grad Residency Program. I applied well over a month ago, and the posting has been off the web site for some time now. Good luck in your search. Everyone I know is having a difficult time getting a job.
  7. by   tenchi675
    I'm in nursing school right now, but I work at Alexian Brothers as a PCT. A good amount of the nurses that I work with got their job because of the residency program, and there is one currently going on right now. From what I hear everyone loves it. The only problem that is happening is that there are so many people applying to the program that it takes the nurse educators a long time to go through the applications. And, there are only so many new nurses taken into the program and then are only so many hired. I've heard from the nurses that I work with that the program is so much better now then what it used to be years ago. New nurses love it at the hospital but the problem is that some floors don't have room to hire them. On the floor that I work we just hired 2 nurses from the current program, and the one before that we also hired 2. I did hear that its either the batch that applications just finished being taking or the next one that you have to work as a cna/pct before or while you're application is being reviewed. Plus, it also looks better that you have worked as a pct. I only know this because the clinical nurse educator is on my floor. Oh, and for future applicants it is best to try and get a job as a cna/pct preferably at Alexian Bros before trying to join the residency program. All I know is that I will be applying for the program once I am done with school.
  8. by   bubbles10
    Thank You tenchi675!!!
  9. by   I'm History

    Thank you for the inside information. I applied in March, and my application status says, "Under Review." When did the last group of new grads start? I would be more than willing to be a pct for a stretch to get an opportunity like this.

    Thank you!
  10. by   CNA17
    Did you ever hear back from them-if so how long did it take? I submitted 2 applications for CNA/PCT positions and one is "under review" the other shows "submitted"...I am not sure what these terms mean as far as their HR you?
  11. by   CNA17
    How long did it take to get hired as a PCT? I submitted an application for 2 different PCT positions, one shows "under review" from last week and the other shows "submitted" from the end of Oct. Also, did you have previous experience as a PCT or CNA? I tried calling HR to follow up, but I only get her voicemail and it states to check the status online. Thanks!
  12. by   NICU<3RN
    Approximately what percentage of nurses are hired onto units after the program? I'd like to apply but If only 2 of say 10 nurses are hired afterwards it is not such great odds. Are they only hired into med/surg or rehab?
  13. by   netglow
    I had applied a year ago I think. I did not get in, but had a nice email convo with someone there after they let me know. I asked how many got in. They said only 4 for the whole shabang. I thought sheesh. That's not many for such a big system.

    They just merged with Ascension. Lots of turmoil probably, I am waiting to hear about nursing layoffs even though they say there won't be in the articles I've read. Not that I am aware of any but, usually there is some reorganizing with these things.