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Hey all, First time poster. I recently was accepted into Boise State University's RN to BSN online completion track. I've found very limited information regarding reviews on the program on the... Read More

  1. by   ThereB4Death
    Quote from nursedan1
    Yes, I've completed the program. I'm happy to say that in graduated with my BSN from Boise State in July 2017. It was an amazing experience. I had researched many other RN-BSN online programs and am truly happy that I chose Boise State. I hadn't had any previous experience with distance or online learning.

    I worked full time throughout the program and had a small child at home. I took 2 classes per semester except for the first semester only taking one.

    Let me know if you have any specific questions.

    How were the practicums? I saw that at least two of the classes required a lot of practical hours. Were these classes reasonable? Thank you.
  2. by   karategirl39
    Thank you so much for replying to my thread post. I have been looking at a lot of other online programs as well and really like what Boise State has to offer. I like the flexibility of the program as well.

    Specific questions:

    How long to completion?
    Did you ever take an of the accelerated format classes (7 weeks) during a spring/fall semester?
    For the 2 classes requiring "lab" did you experience any difficulties getting these projects completed?

    Thanks for your help!
  3. by   Royla
    Hello everyone! I am really interested in the RN to BSN online program at BSU. I have read comments and I was also thinking about joining the school, but I am a horrible test tacker, so I was inquiring if anyone knew if there are tests during the program? Not the end all be all if there is but just curious thank you
  4. by   scrub_bug
    @janetmmm7 how are your classes going at BSU and specifically how was your stat class and which one did you take? I have applied to BSU, I can't apply to the RN-BSN program yet as I still have to take those first few classes first. I'm in contact with Candice over at BSU and I absolutely love her.