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jbahrke has 18 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in RNC OB.

Hello all!

I am an OB night shift charge nurse in a moderately busy unit. I’ve always dreamed of getting my BSN and then my WHNP. Life, kids, all happened and now years later, I’m finally back at nursing school, ready to start in Boise State University RN to BSN program. Praying I do well as I am older now, but I’m in good health, and am committed to seeing this through! My starting classes will be Nurse 350 and Research Nursing. My plan is to stay positive and follow this through! My end goal is to work for federal government job as a WHNP. 

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  1. jbahrke

    Boise State University RN-BSN

    Hello Jaimeza949: Thank you for responding! You sound busy! Dual enrollment? You are like super human! Go you!👍 Now that the semester has begun and I’ve gotten aquatinted with black board, I can honestly say I’m doing ok😀. I was so stressed out the first week because I have been out of collage for years. 😬🙇‍♀️ On line classes were just starting my last year at school. This is way better than sitting in traffic for two hours, then three hours of classes, only to drive another two hours home. With that being said I would like to share what it has been like for me personally, my first week. First there was the PERRLA/ Blackboard learning curve. When I was in nursing school we Spent hours at the library researching nursing journals. Now there is software to turn to! Who would of known? The new APA software really saves time. There is OWL Perdue, PERRLA, and others, although , I think I prefer Eazypaper over the others. It does everything PERRLA does, but you can access libraries, Pubmed, pretty much anything from wizard research. It adds citations into your paper and a reference list at the end of your paper. It also has a plagiarism checker. Lots of bells and whistles. Next, the teaching format you mentioned in your message, is exactly what we are doing. Every Wens-day there’s a post and by Sunday one has to respond to two other students post, in APA format, in no less than 250 words. In addition, I have been spending about four hours a day doing some form of work, for six credits, so two classes. I have spent a lot of time with the 6 th edition of APA format book. I also looked at what the teachers posted on line. Just to get myself used to writing again and practicing with APA format. Furthermore, I believe we also have a paper and a power point presentation due at the end. I think both of my classes actually have that, but either way totally doable. I agree, that the University’s program is structured to meet the needs of the working nurse. In fact, the program so far has truly exceeded my expectations! They accepted all my past credits, even from years ago, and seem to have a good understanding of work/life/ school balance. It’s nice because the instructors post all the upcoming weeks work to be done, so one can try to get ahead, especially for someone like me, who works all her 12 hour shifts in a row. 👩‍💻 Last, Everyone, from the RN BSN counselors, to the instructors, have been supportive. I know Its only my first semester, but I’m actually loving it, and even thinking of pursuing my Masters!! Thank you again for sharing your experience and I’ll be sure to post updates for others!
  2. jbahrke

    BSU RN to BSN

    I’ve just started at BSU fall semester 2019! I’m super excited! But intensely nervous! I’ll be in Nurse 350 and I want to say 240. So far it’s been ok but there seems to be a lot of busy work on the black board platform. I’ve never used Canvas, but am beginning to wonder if it’s easier to use. Also, it’s very confusing it’s like you need to read every little word to find out where everything is. I think for me that’s been the most frustrating part. I guess once I’m used to it I’ll think differently, but for now I’m feeling just a wee bit overwhelmed! Oh well that’s life:) If anyone has any good advice I’m willing to hear it. Thank you!
  3. jbahrke

    Boise State University RN-BSN

    Hello all I’m starting at Boise State University in Nurse 350 / 420 Research Nurse of fall 2019. I have been out of school for 17 years and am nervous, but excited to gain my BSN! I am an experienced nurse, work as charge nurse for busy L&D unit, on night shift. I’m blessed to work three to four 12 hour shifts then have a couple days off, so I’m trying to plan all weeks around the nights I don’t work. Any advice or study sites others can pass on would be much appreciated! Here’s to all of us! 👍

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