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I am having the worst time trying to find an LPN to RN program

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I am having the worst time trying to find an LPN to RN program in Rochester NY. There are too many steps with long waiting lists and time spent with no results. Is anyone aware of the best way to go about this? I have been told of bridge programs and transition courses but when you call or email these places there are a lot of let downs for actually getting into a program. So Frustrating.

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Miley, I do not have any ideas since Im not in your area but Im in Minnesota in the twin cities and I am having a difficult time finding a LPN-RN program as well. I heard back from 2 of the programs I applied for they said try again next time. Theyare making it just as competative to get into as the traditional 2 yr RN. there are only about 5 school in the cities that offer it and each yr it seems they only accept about 15-20 students when 100s apply? At this rate Ill never get in. I have been thinking about looking out further like schools that are like an hour away. And another thing is all our programs are like day programs, they really are not geared for the working LPN, especially like if you work at a clinic like me. That would mean I have to quit my job and go to school during the day, How am I supposed to support my self and husband? :banghead:

I had similar problems trying to gain admission into a bridge or as a advanced nursing student. Finally, I looked at distant learning LPN/LVN to BSN programs. You may want to consider this alternative.

Distant Learning LPN/LVN to RN or to BSN are designed for those who work. Not all distant learning programs are the same. Some programs are correspondence courses and you must pass tests; at the end of the program, you must take a hands on clinical exam.

Other distant learning programs are true distant learning. You study on your own, keep in touch with the professor and classmates as well as take your exams through blackboard, but you do your clinical in your area at the same ts taking the online class.

There is a Washington distant learning program in which you do all your classwork online and then every semester you spend about 1-2 weeks in the Washington College training and doing your clinical at their predetermined facilities in Washington State. Have heard that many students like this program and also share housing etc.

Either way you go, make sure the program you are considering is accepted by your state's BON. BTW distant learning is very convenient but it is more rigorous than a regular nursing program.

I have considered distance learning and at this point I am heading in that direction. It is just frustrating that with the nursing shortage and expected future needs one would think the problem now points at not having enough options for LPN to RN bridge programs. It is a headache to move forward at all. Good luck to you both!

Thank you NamasteNurse

I have heard about the distant learning program in Washington but was wondering if you knew the name of the school that offers this program so I could request more information? I am currently in LVN school but will finish in Sept. 2011. I am trying to find a bridge program but am having a difficult time. Thanks so much!


i am finishing my lvn-bsn program right now; some schools require six months lvn experience before you can apply for their bridge program. as always, make sure you check with your states board of nursing (or its equivalent) to make sure the program is approved. i know here in ca, a school from illinois was advertising their long distance classes, but they were not approved (they were approved for ce's only if i remember right) and you could not sit for your nclex-rn if you graduated from them.

do your homework and be flexible. you might need to move to get into a bridge program.

good luck


I know that this is an old post but I was wondering what route you ended up going. I am also an LPN in the Rochester, NY area looking to bridge to my RN and I am still running into the same issues you listed in your original post.


I'm will be considering Excelsior college. I'm in Rochester, NY also. I know that mcc offers a program lpn-rn and they use some of the testing from excelsior college. I've already made sure it's approved. You just pay for thee test you need to take buy your own study materials and do your own thing. Go to their website check it out!!

Hi I'm new to Rochester. I am also looking for an lvn to rn bridge program. I heard the price is expensive. Can you give me a break down of how the program works. Thanks


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