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  1. kmbiehl

    Lpn to bsn advice please!

    When I met with the rep from TCN, he said you have to finish the whole program before you can sit for the boards. That can take either 2-3 years.
  2. kmbiehl

    Lpn to bsn advice please!

    Indiana State University DegreeLink Program: Nursing (LPN/LVN to BS): Courses This page tells you about purchasing the Modules from The College Network.
  3. kmbiehl

    Lpn to bsn advice please!

    If you want to do the Indiana State program you HAVE to go through The College Network. It's not a scam. Indiana State will refer you to The College Network for their prereq classes and some modules. Indiana State is the only "Out of State" program that is approved by the California Boards.
  4. I found this school through my fellow classmates. It's a distance learning program, LVN-BSN. http://www.indstate.edu/degreelink/lpntobs/