I don't want your reality... (Vent)

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I'm so tired of everyone telling me that it's taking too long for me to get my nursing degree. I hear it from everyone you've been in school a whole year and still nothing? I want to tell them- who on this planet do you know that has a degree of any kind after one year? Then when I talk to my parents or boyfriend I say how my school "loosely requires" a medical certification, volunteer hours, being bilingual among other things like high GPA that's what makes things seem like they are taking forever. Do I think it feels like forever? yes! duh!!

Then to add injury to insult my mom likes to tell me that nursing isn't even difficult that back in the day you'd work with a doctor and be an RN so why am I going through all this hassle... Um mom... I love you.. but believe me if I would have the opportunity to walk in to a DRs office get hired then a few months later be an RN I would! (although how horrible of a nurse would I be) I hate the people that tell nursing is so easy, nursing is for the dumb girls who can't do anything else... Ya... that's why we of all people have to fight harder, learn more and score higher then the rest of the world... riiiiiiight....

Last but not least in this " my head is going to spin off making linda blair jealous" rant... yes people I do get it that it sucks that i'm talking all my pre-reqs, getting great grades, volunteering, getting a phlebotomy (and MA too due to my mom and boyfriend's persistence) I got affidavits from everyone I've ever known (exaggeration) for those wonderful extra points on character, I passed the bilingual exam and YES after all that there is still only a CHANCE just a mere CHANCE that I'll get into the nursing program. Yes I am aware that it's not cool, fair, right or what ever other word you'd like to use but hey... at the end of the day I'm the one doing this, and all that matters is i'm going to keep doing this because it is what I want to do. I'm the one waiting, I'm the one pulling out my hair to make sure I have a good chance of getting in first try, I'm going through all this. So for as much as it irritates you that I really want to be a nurse! Suck it up because obviously there is a lot of BS I have to endure on my journey too...

aaaah.... I feel much better....

Thanks allnurses...


Yeah that would make me upset, too! But at least you know that you will be doing something that you love :)

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That sounds very frustrating! You should copy them admissions packets to your school and make them read it so they understand what you are working towards.

You can also fold each page into a paper airplane and throw it at them... it will entertain you and release frustration!

@ summit... Dude u made me laugh out my cereal with the airplane part! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

@ em indeed

@ summit still laughing!!!

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Good luck to you!!! You sound like a strong and determined person and I know its hard and frustrating :( My family is exactly like that...after I had my daughter they were frustrated with me for even wanting to go back to school because then I would be neglecting her and not spending enough time with her. I would just nod and smile at their suggestions because deep down inside I knew what I had to do not just for myself but for my baby as well. I took awhile but I am so happy to be starting the nursing program Spring 2011 and even though I still get those remarks and comments from family, I know it is almost over :) Stay strong and carry that passion with you and I know you will pull through.

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