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I'm so tired of everyone telling me that it's taking too long for me to get my nursing degree. I hear it from everyone you've been in school a whole year and still nothing? I want to tell them- who on this planet do you know that has a degree of any kind after one year? Then when I talk to my parents or boyfriend I say how my school "loosely requires" a medical certification, volunteer hours, being bilingual among other things like high GPA that's what makes things seem like they are taking forever. Do I think it feels like forever? yes! duh!!

Then to add injury to insult my mom likes to tell me that nursing isn't even difficult that back in the day you'd work with a doctor and be an RN so why am I going through all this hassle... Um mom... I love you.. but believe me if I would have the opportunity to walk in to a DRs office get hired then a few months later be an RN I would! (although how horrible of a nurse would I be) I hate the people that tell nursing is so easy, nursing is for the dumb girls who can't do anything else... Ya... that's why we of all people have to fight harder, learn more and score higher then the rest of the world... riiiiiiight....

Last but not least in this " my head is going to spin off making linda blair jealous" rant... yes people I do get it that it sucks that i'm talking all my pre-reqs, getting great grades, volunteering, getting a phlebotomy (and MA too due to my mom and boyfriend's persistence) I got affidavits from everyone I've ever known (exaggeration) for those wonderful extra points on character, I passed the bilingual exam and YES after all that there is still only a CHANCE just a mere CHANCE that I'll get into the nursing program. Yes I am aware that it's not cool, fair, right or what ever other word you'd like to use but hey... at the end of the day I'm the one doing this, and all that matters is i'm going to keep doing this because it is what I want to do. I'm the one waiting, I'm the one pulling out my hair to make sure I have a good chance of getting in first try, I'm going through all this. So for as much as it irritates you that I really want to be a nurse! Suck it up because obviously there is a lot of BS I have to endure on my journey too...

aaaah.... I feel much better....

Thanks allnurses...


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Lol... I know how you feel many people say that to me, especially since I had to tak a couple years off because I had two sons close in age. So its always "uhhh you're still in school?" At least now I can tell them I'm actually in nursing school thank God! But its so frustrating..

Also I completely agree about people not thinking nursing is a hard major. My cousin just started school and is a bio major and I told him an answer to this science question and then he went into his bio class and his lab partner gave him a different incorrect answer and he believed her over me!!!!! They are both freshman but he just says so matter-of-factly well she's really smart shes a chemistry major! I could give a crap less if she's a first year astro-physicist...gimme a break..Ive taken genral bio, a & p 1 and 2, microbiology, pathopyhsiology (which is upper level class at my school), gen chem and organic chem and gotten a's in them all..but a first year, first semester chem major knows more cause she must be smarter since im nothing but a dumb ole nursing major

Ya I took time off too when I had my two kids a year apart...

Congrats on actually being in the program! Happy for u!

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Oh Thanks! When are you applying? Kids and school is tough huh?

Ya it' a bit crazy but they are 4 and 5 Now so it's not that bad I'm done with all pre-reqs at the end of 2011... So I'll apply spring 2012! To every program known to man withing 2hour driving distance and hopefully I'll get accepted somewhere 1st try!

Wow...well props to both of you! I am lucky to have such a supportive and understanding family..they went through the whole process with me and now see how competitive it is. But to the general public, when people ask me what I'm going to school for and I answer "Well I was just accepted into NS!!" they are like oh, cool. Like it's nothing....no one but those going through it realize what it really takes or means. And JUST a nurse?? psshttt!!!! If they only had any clue how smart and hard working you have to be. I could vent on this all day too. And I'm sorry your mom and boyfriend dont get it...Just keep going strong and do this for you. For me, this is a passion and I would never do anything else. I dream, think, and pray about nursing constantly. So if it is that way for you, dont let anything or anyone get in your way or slow you down. And OP with all you are doing, along with a strong GPA, you WILL get there! Keep the faith.

And hey, if you get an interview I have a list of really good preparation questions..or if you need someone to vent to you can message me. GOOD LUCK!

Thanks hs90!

I'm glad that u have a great team behind you! Mine mean well but they just don't get it..

Like you I eat, sleep and breath nursing... Lol so yes my dear I am certainly too passionate to give up! :) although I should give my b/f credit... Although he thinks I may talk about it too much and that I should just do it already he understands and supports my efforts and he's behind me not quitting ever... :)

That's good. Because once NS starts for you, you will need his support. You will need him to be understanding that you will be gone a lot more probably. During those 2 yrs you will LIVE nursing as I hear from other posters. SO hopefully he isnt jealous or needy or clingy haha.

Oh no he's nothing like that.... He's awesome! We've been solid since the 7th/8th grade lol...

Verrrryyy CUTE! Mine is my high school sweetheart. Thank god for him being so understanding and patient when all I want to talk about is nursing. He will be applying to PT school here soon so we can relate on that.

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Yeah I am about to grad with my allied health degree and people are asking me when I am gonna get a job nursing... I keep setting them straight and they are all like *** you have been in school for a yr and a half..... I am gttn tired of it. I just hope and pray that nursing school is where I am next semester!

@Hs90 ya mine is a pro hacker... So sometimes we'll be having these conversations of just random acronyms... "honey I'm gunna do my bls class to re cert my CPR card" "that's great I have to use the BOX to admin the MB so I could FU" lol... The flies on our walls must be going crazy... Hahahahahaha

@ okla yay for you girlie!! a degree is a degree!!! And I too hope that u get a spot in that nursing program good luck from my side of the us!

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