I want to QUIT this job and this hostile enviroment I'm in!!! need advice!


I have another job lined up and I start next week with it, but I'm literally too scared to quit my other job.

I have been a LPN for less than a year, and before that I was a CNA.

the environment I'm in is so freakin hostile though and I feel as if either I will get bodily harmed or my licenses will be at risk due to what the CNA's that work on my hall do to the residents!

I've tried to do the right things. But I can no longer handle threats, cna's asking me if they can buy the narcs off of my cart, making up vitals on my patients and giving them to me, CNA's yelling at the residents, RN Supervisors getting on to me for requesting treatments on my patients who have severe UTI's with mental status changes or getting yelled out for wanting to send a full code patient who had a stroke on my shift out... and trust me this list gets longer and I have only been there for three months. I went to this facility cause I thought it would be different and it's a chain off of a large corporation with great mission statements, benefits, to even buying their employees uniforms. And I have went as far as the DON on several occasions and I can't get nothing done about the CNAs that are doing this or slacking on their job. And when I write them up, they just laugh it off. I can see it now if I tried to work out a 2 week notice how bad it will be.

I need ideas, how do I approach this? especially with it being either an effective immediately 'I quit' or I'll work till Saturday then I quit... I have NO intentions of going back to this facility and I had used one of the RN supervisors as a reference for the new job I got (he's quitting too very soon over the same things..) I have VERY strong references from being a CNA in a level one trauma center and have some of the attending docs as my references and from LPN school I have all of my clinical instructors as well.. I'm just lost and astonished at the situation I have gotten myself into..


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Since you have another job lined up, I would quit and have no remorse about it. This is so crazy to even read, I don't think I could stand this type of environment for even a week. I admire you for staying long enough. Just give them a notice and leave ASAP!!!!!!!!!!


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Oh, my God! I am sorry to hear that these types of places even EXIST! Can you make a call to the appropriate authorities after you are safely in your new job? I am horrified to think of what the residents are going through ... and the staff are druggies, really nice! That seems like something the police should know about.

I am so happy for you that you found a new job. You know what, I've been there and done that -- got the t-shirt -- you don't owe them an explanation. Maybe on your last day just say, "Oh, by the way -- I quit." Make sure you get your last paycheck though.


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It really is unreal the things I have witnessed licensed and certified professionals do in this building. I know over half of them have to be druggies. Which you know I was shocked when I found out that they only do drug test when they suspect, not when you are first hired on..

LUCKILY, the place I'm getting on now does do drug test on hire. THANK YOU!

I think what I'm going to do is tell them I will work till Saturday night. And if they give me any slack or harassment about it anymore than I'm already getting then I will just work my shift tomorrow night till 11 p.m. like scheduled, hand over the keys, and hand over my badge with them.

it's just a badge situation, these past three months I feel like I've had a ***? stamped upon my head.


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get the heck out of there! then call your state's board of nursing and report those people who are abusing(for that's what it sounds like to me) the patients.


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The badge can be mailed.

How were you able to work there as long as you did?

Has any of this been reported to authorities outside of the facility?


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Your new job aside....I strongly feel that the current situation should be reported ASAP, for the safety of the patients. Just my opinion.

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It sounds like a facility I worked in. LEAVE as soon as possible. Your license is in jeopardy. I stayed where I worked because I thought I could help the residents. YOU CAN"T. Do not turn the facility in to the state until after you have quit, but do report the abuses. If you are still there, the facility will retaliate against you. Your are legally and morally obligated to turn the facility in to the state.