I want to get pregnant?!


Hi, everyone! this is my first post/ question.

My husbnad and I, we got married this Feb.2011 after 3 years of dating. He is 7 years older than me :eek: haha.

I'm still in CC and taking all the prep-classes for nursing school. I did not take most of the science/lab classes, yet. (Honestly, I'm kinda scared... because i know it is going to be a lot of homeworks, and it will be hard for my especially with my "I don't like math and science" brain)

Anyway, we already talked about when we want to have a first baby before we got married but I "found out" that my husband wants to have a baby within 2 years. I'm 100% sure I will be still in CC in 2 years.

My question is, Do you think it will be better to have a baby (now) when i am in CC before apply for nursing school, or

After I get into a nursing school (I think this will be TOO hard for me, for the baby with the school work),.... or?

If I have a baby later when I graduate from a nursing school, my husband will be in mid 30's... :(

I know he will understand me if I REALLY want to have a baby like 4-5 years later, but I want to respect what he wants, too.

I know it could be kind of weird question asking about "when should I get pregnant?" but.. I really don't know what to do...

Any advice? :redpinkhe


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I think waiting would be the best choice, mid 30s is an average time for someone to have kids. I am 24 and just about to do pre health/nursing and I'll graduate when I'm 29, so I probably won't have kids until my 30's.

If he really wants one before you finish school I would think having them now rather then while in nursing school would be best between the two choices because like you said it would be really tough while in nursing school. If you have a baby now by the time you are in nursing school your baby will be old enough to sleep through the night and go to day care confidently.

Make sure he is ready to do a lot of the work while you are in school if you have a baby!

Good luck!


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I would recommend having a baby either BEFORE or AFTER nursing school. In my researching nursing schools I wanted to attend, there are many that say explicitly you can not be pregnant in the student handbook. I don't know why because you can work as a nurse and be pregnant, but nursing school is hard enough and I think maybe it might have to do with absences, you really don't get any in nursing school.

You're science pre-requisites will be good 5-10 years depending on the school. So you could complete your sciences now, take a year off to have a baby and then apply to nursing school.

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I have to agree with the other poster. I would think it better to be pregnant and have the baby PRIOR to nursing school or AFTER..not during.

So many things can happen during a pregnancy that can keep you from going to school. many schools have strict attendance policies and if you break it you're out. What would happen if you were to be put on bed rest for months and you were IN nursing school. I had a friend who ended up failing out due to being pregnant and having issues with the pregnancy while in school. And just because someone "plans" to have the baby at a certain time as to not interfer with school (for example..due date is during summer break etc) doesn't mean the baby will stick to the plan (both my daughters were pre-mature one by 2 months the other by 3 wks).

Just my two cents..prior to or after..not during if it can avoided :)

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I have been a nurse for 18 years. I also say BEFORE or AFTER. During is a stretch and while we all hope that you have a smooth and event free pregnancy, there is always a chance that something could happen. Something as small as bedrest for the last 1-2 months could crash and burn you in nursing school so don't risk it. :)

I'm a pre-nursing student and I am 27 years old married with 4 children. The wait is so long just to get into nursing, so I would have my family now along with my pre reqs and then by the time you finish and get excepted into nuirsing your kids will prob be ready for school and you'll be ready for work! Just keep in mind that studying with a baby isn't always the easiest thing to do :uhoh3:


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I am also a pre-nursing student, and I am 38 with four children. My children are 14,11,7, and 2. I know that having children and being a full time student is demanding. I also know that once in the actual nursing program that it will be even more demanding. I think waiting until after could be beneficial because you won't have the demands of motherhood. I definatly wouldn't do it during school, like the other posters have mentioned, there are too many what-ifs with pregnancy..bed rest, preterm labor, stress, morning sickness, tiredness, and emotional ups and downs. Good luck in whatever you decide!

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I would wait until AFTER nursing school. In Nursing school you dont get "sick days" like you do with a job. If you dont show up it can be a real problem. We just had a classmate who became ill herself and had to drop because in 1 week she missed Lab, Clinical and an Exam + Lecture. Its too hard to catch up once you fall behind. You are still both young enough to wait until you are done with school and have your first job.


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I did not have anyone to talk about this. Thank you SO much, guys!!!! :p It's all great advice! Thanks!!!