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I thought I failed NCLEX!


Okay, so I've read on this forum that people have cried after they took their test because they thought they had failed. Yeah, they weren't exaggerating at all. I cried like a baby from the moment I stepped into the elevator until my Dad picked me up. I'm sure the people around me thought I was nuts. Oh, I cried all day I took my test too and could barely sleep for 2 days until I got my Quick Results today. I could only imagine how the others who do not have Quick Results must feel.

Now, the reason why I thought I failed is because I got ONLY 5-6 SATAs. YUP, only less than 10 SATAs and from all the threads here, it seemed like everyone got a lot. So once I pressed NEXT after 75 and the screen went blue I choked up. Thought the test was too easy (my bf likes to happily think it's because I studied too much and that I should have been happy about the test seeming easy, LOL) on me so I thought I failed. But I did get many priority, patient teaching, medications, and who to see first questions more than anything.

So my original plan was to NOT to do the PVT everyone talked about. My parents even talked about the trick to me, but I straight refused until I couldn't take it anymore. So I did it after a few hours and got the GOOD pop-up. Couldn't believe it. Wanted to wait 24 hours because I've read it's scored twice within 24 hours so I waited again and did it. Still got the good pop-up. At this point I did feel a lot better but you really don't feel better until you can the official word from Pearson Vue saying I passed or until your license is officially posted. Now, Quick Results do work on Sunday for those who are wondering since I took my NCLEX Friday and probably would have guessed it but I PASSED! WOO! The feeling is UNREAL!

What's the moral of this story?

The moral of this story is don't believe the hype about needing 1/2 of your test to be SATAs to be passing. It tore me apart not getting a lot cause I thought that's what I needed. I actually begged for more SATA and more questions in general. Can you believe that?! So just answer each question individually and do your best. Don't believe you are failing just because you get "content" questions.

Most importantly, believe in yourself. Even though I thought I failed, my heart kept telling me that I have a chance of passing and being a RN.

I wish all all you future NCLEX takers the best of luck! All my prayers to you!

Congratulations! I'm happy for you, colleague! :)

Good to hear. Congrats :) question - for the PVT, do you have to use an active credit card or can you use an inactive one? Thanks in advance!

Thank you! & yes, I used an active CC BUT changed the security code AND expiration date. Should work 'cause that's what I did and many others before me have! :D I'm unsure about the inactive card to be honest. It MIGHT work. Doesn't hurt to try! It should decline it regardless!


What materials did you use to study and what do you think helped you the most?

Hello Kdoolay,

:)CONGRASTS on your success! ENJOY the next phase of nursing. I added you as a friend as I have read your journey towards NCLEX RN. I'm from Canada; I'm preparing for my NCLEX RN. I have a hard time learning medications. I need your advice for studying this category. Thanks


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