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I think I got the job but who has final say? Nurse manager or HR?

I had an interview today that I think went well, matter of fact I was pretty sure I got the job since the nurse manager that interviewed me ended the interview with welcome aboard. Then she sent me over to HR to get my paper work started - I thought I was going to get an official offer then, but the HR manager said she would get back to me next week after she checked my references.

My friend works there - its a small private child and adolescent behavioral health facility.

She said she spoke to the nurse manager that interviewed me to ask how I did and she said that I got the job. HR manager said she will contact me next week and if I have not heard anything by next Friday to give her a call.

Now I'm on pins and needles wondering if I have the job or not.


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I have next to no patience when it comes to waiting on call backs. I just want to know now!

I had interviewed for a position and they were really interested in me but needed to check my references. This was on a Wednesday, I had an email requesting another reference on the following Monday. When I hadn't heard back by Thursday I gave up hope. Then the next Monday I got a call with a job offer at 430 pm. I was surprised and pleased.

In the mean time I continued to apply and interview, you should do the same.

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HR is the one who makes the official job offer...so it doesn't matter what the nurse manager says to you: until HR extends the job offer, you don't have a job. Hang in there!

Thanks Meriwhen. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I get this job. Psych nursing is my passion so I'm excited at this prospect. Hoping all goes well.

Itsmejuli, yes, until I have an official job offer, I will still be applying to other places.

Another quick question,

I was going to send the nurse manager a thank you note tomorrow.

Should I send one to the HR manager as well? I spoke to her a little bit before meeting the nurse manager and then after the interview so should I send her a thank you note as well?


You should definitely leave thank you notes... your situation was very similar to mine and I start in 1 week!

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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The clinical manager is always the one who decides who will be offered the job. However, the initial offer is always contingent upon meeting all the requirements (background screen, physical exam, etc.) Normally, HR is the only area authorized to extend a formal written job offer with the salary, benefits, and other details. This is because HR is responsible for maintaining the salary structure in a way that won't expose the organization to claims of discrimination by (accidentally or not) paying different starting salaries to equally qualified people hired for the same job.

Yeah, it can be pretty confusing but the hiring process is complex with a lot of 'moving parts' & many areas that can result in liability claims against the organization.

Think good thoughts! Best of luck to you.

Update: I just spoke to the HR manager and was offered the job.

However, details are still being worked out, it may only be part time so she wanted to know if I would be interested in part time nights - 11 - 7. Of course I said yes!! - Details are still being worked out but I will hear more next week. I wish it could be full time but hey, landing my first RN job even if only part time is Fantastic!

Plus it pays more than what some of my friends are getting at the larger hospitals in town. Hopefully it will turn into a full time position. If not, at least I will be gaining some RN experience to apply at other facilities down the road. People say psych jobs are easy to come by, but that certainly has not been the case for me at all so I'm ever so grateful to have this position as a start.

I am a firm believer that once you get your foot in the door and wow them, they will come to you with an offer of more hours. Congratulations!!

Thanks WhatdoIdonow. I am really hoping it turns into full time. The nurse I worked with today started out PRN and is now full time so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am scheduled for full time hours for this week and next week but who knows after that. I'm still delighted to have this opportunity though. It pays well so I can survive on part time hours for now.


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