I think I failed my 3rd attempt

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Hi! I took the nclex yesterday and did the pvt. I keep getting the bad pop up as it always decline my card. I used all the correct info in my cc even the wxpiration date although I don't have sufficient balance. It says card declined contact your bank etc...

To the best of my memory I remember getting around 20 satas most of the time 4 to 5 in a row, questions with "require further teaching" , a few delegations and prio, 2 med calcs, 1 maternity, some physiologicla integrity types, a drag and drop and an exhibit plus an ecg strip, and fundamental types of questions. When I checked my answers most of them were correct. But I told myself never expect too much because I would rather accept failing than think I passed but actually failed.

I am still very grateful for the 3 times I was able to take the nclex and charge them to experience.

Although I have this tiny hopes of still passing the nclex I am already preparing to take a new direction.

To all that had passed, warm congratulations to you all! And to everyone, a blessed day!

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So did you pass?

Hi! I actually haven't seen the unofficial results, per instructed to me it will take 60 hours after taking the nclex for my quick results to be available, and it is about 6 hours to go before the 60th hour:) whatever the results will be I will post it here.:) Thanks!

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PVT was accurate as my quick results said I Failed nclex rn...the 3rd time....:( Anyhow I am already moving on since it was already my 3rd try. I am still thankful that at least I got to try nclex:)

I'm praying and sending positive vibes your way. Don't give up. You will pass!!!

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