have I ruined my chance for different specialties?

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I've been a wknd. supervisor at a rehab/LTC facility for a year, after doing med surg for 8 months right out of school. I happened into this job b/c I had to get off of night turn (really bad for my mental health) but now I'm ready to move on and I really want to do a specialty or ICU. I've applied broadly to part time/casual positions as I would still like to keep my wknd position-it pays well and I will be starting school so I need flexibility. But I have not heard from ANY of the positions I've applied for, and I feel like it might be because the majority of my experience is in a nursing home (it is a sub acute unit, but people don't seem to hear that part.) Anyway, am I doomed to be stuck in a nsg home the rest of my career?

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No. To me it sounds like your schedule requirements might be more of an issue than your experience?

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I think you have a better chance of getting a full time ICU position versus a parttime or prn one because of the amt of orientation you are going to require. I would try for fulltime now and then cut back to parttime in a year or so.


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Yep, I fully agree with the previous posts. We do hire New(er) Grads or Nurses without Critical Care experience into our ICU units, but only Full Time. It takes a long time to be trained and oriented for that specialty, why do it with someone who is only there PRN or part time and then can't even do weekend shifts?

I'd also say, if this is what you want to do, try to go Full Time. Once you got the experience, try to cut back. Otherwise keep on doing what you are doing right now and when you are ready and available for a FT position try the switch then.


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I would like to do full time but I feel bad leaving my current job, and pay scale. Is it the same with med-surg? I do have med surg experience...

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if you have med surg experience you might be able to pull off a pt position. i know that the current floor i float (med surg) would take you and orient you pt because i have seen them do so with other experienced nurses. however, they made this arrangement after talking to the director.


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I never worked in ICU (only acute med/surg) so I don't know their policies exactly but you could probably make a deal with your current position at the LTC facility. A lot of times ICUs require you to work 6 mos to a year fulltime, then you can drop down to .8 or .5 or whatever. You could work on your "off-days" at the LTC down the road. Not sure if that would work out though but worth a shot!


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Med/Surg should be fine PT or PRN if you have experience. But again, your limitation to not work any weekends might be the reason you couldn't find a position so far.

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