I Quit My Job!!!!

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I'm so excited; I just had to tell everyone!

With just 8 1/2 weeks left of school--I quit my job!! I just couldn't handle the stress of trying to work and get all my school requirements done!

Also, my job had offered me a full time position, and after I said no (because it's not a nursing job!) they began to treat me much differently!

So when my husband said to quit.. I shocked him and I DID!!!


:roll :D :D :roll :chuckle

Can anyone tell I'm excited??

Just wanted to let the world know!

Time to get back to the books!!




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Many greater opportunities await you! Congratulations, and I'm proud of you for stepping up to the plate when the opportunity was right.

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Good for you, their loss, hahahaha


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Oh Mission, please let me live vicariously through you..............

I'm glad that you are happy. How did they treat you when you turned down their offer?

I have found that I am treated very poorly where I work (non-medical) because now that they know I am pursuing a nursing career they think it's a waste to have me do anything, even though I've told them that I plan on remaining here for at least another year and a half.

Glad everything has worked out for you.



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Thank your lucky stars you have that option. I'm single and have no way of doing this and school/work FT is killing me. I can't wait till May!! Congrats for you!!


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Good for you!! What a relief I'm sure!


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Hey good for you. After not doing well this semester, I took a leave of absence from my job this week. Money is tight but I feel such relief.


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You quit your job?:eek:


Now you can concentrate on those next steps to becoming a nurse!!:D

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