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1. Do the ATI tests really correlate to NCLEX passing rates? I do really well in theory, and poorly on the ATI. But others who are struggling in theory and lecture admit that they guess and do decently well on the ATI. It's frustrating because the books they give us don't help, and the teachers admit they don't like the ATI.

2. Since we've been taught entire courses on Peds, OB, and Psych, yet everyone only gets maybe 1 or 2 from those classes, how detailed are the couple of OB or Peds questions usually?

3. I keep hearing infection control, prioritization, etc...what is the question asking. I'm not asking for specific NCLEX questions, but what type of infection control are we talking about here(types of equipment, interventions, etc)? I haven't started studying for the test yet cuz I have a couple of semesters left, but I'm just kind of looking ahead.

1. Regarding ATI, I cant say because I didn't review in ATI.

2. I have 1 pedia question but was given an abnoral lab value and ask what will you do on the child, that's all... its not very detailed though...

3. YOu should know the infectious control of diseases and what instrument or equipment will you use... goodluck


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I only had 2 peds questions and a lot of infection control. I suggest knowing which diseases fall within the different precautions (airborne, droplet, contact) and the safety measures for each. Also, brush up on patient room assignments - knowing which patients can share rooms together and which ones need private rooms. Also brush up on your math..flow rates, conversions such as mcg to mg...etc. All the best to you!

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