I was a patient today


Just wanted to share my wonderful experience with y'all. I had to have an EGD today at my hospital. My nurses were so wonderful to me and it really was a great experience. They had to give me 8 of Versed and 50 of Demerol and I still didn't go all the way to sleep! I can't believe they had to give me so much! I'm only 120lbs!! I guess maybe because I'm so young. But, I remember nothing about the procedure and felt nothing. I am a nurse also and I was really able to see how having sweet nurses makes all the difference in the world with your hospital stay. They only saw some esophagitis which is a great relief to me.

I just wanted to share!!!

And all you great nurses out there just remember a smile goes a really long way!


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glad things went well for you. i am sure you were the "ideal" patient. one we would all like to have ! god bless :redbeathe

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I am 'justavolunteer' on a pt. unit. I became a volunteer because the nurses impressed me when I was a patient. I can definitely say that I am grateful to nurses and the difference they make to patients.

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I'm glad you had a good experience!

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