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Vegas New Grad

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cogratulations vegas new grad!!!!!!!!!!!

i also have the "cracking the nclex", i wasn't sure if it is a good book or not. thank you for this info. i will use it more.

how many sata questions you had on the test? i am not good at them at all.

success everyone!!

thanks for the congrats!...i had probably 2-3 sata questions, no math, some meds and a lot of prioritization and delegation.

as for the 'cracking the nclex' book, i was a little leary about using it as a study guide because i've never heard anyone say that they used. i kept hearing about kaplan and saunders but i truly believe that this book is excellent! have you heard the question 'how do you eat an elephant?' the answer is 'one bite at a time'... well for me the nclex was that huge elephant that was right there in front of me and it almost seemed impossible to study and be ready for the test in a month's time. that's where the cracking the nclex book came in handy....it showed me how to tackle all the information one bite at a time!

good luck!!!

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