I passed my nclex! thank you Saunders,thank you God


I PASSED my nclex-pn!!! im so happy.out of the 1030 pages to study, I still had 150 pages left of the saunders book and I still managed to pass.All of the questions on the NCLEX I was familiar with because the Saunders book covered all those topics.There was no NCLEX question that I wasnt familiar with.So to all those who are taking their NCLEX, Saunders book is the best.I have some nurse friends who tried other reviewers and didnt pass but all those who reviewed Saunders all passed.I kept praying to God even as I take the test.I was on question # 84,said my last prayer for God to help me pass,and after question 85,my computer suddenly shut off.I also did the Pearsonvue trick and I didnt go to the credit card page,it said my results not available,so I was more confident that I passed.The Pearsonvue trick worked for me then.So to all future NCLEX test takers,just have faith in God,do your best,study Saunders, and believe in yourself.Go,fight,win!


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Congrats on passing! You are now a nurse! I hope you can relax and celebrate.


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Congratulations to you! God bless you more.

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congratsssss,,,god bless:)and i to tally agreee about saunders,,,its the best,,,even i didnt finish reading it but it was my source of reference all along.......:)happt thanksgiving:)


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Awww that is great I am happy to hear, i am using that book also!


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:nurse: congratulations!