I passed NCLEX on my 5th try in 75 questions!

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I have to thank God the most. I could not have done this without my daily devotion to our Lord. Found out today I passed NCLEX with 75 questions!! This was my fifth time taking the NCLEX, been out of school for 3 years now. I failed the 1st time using Kaplan, 2nd time using Hurst, and 3rd and 4th time using UWorld, Mark Klimek audios and Saunders (I hated reading this book). I wanted my 5th time to be my last time so I had to approach it differently. Obviously, studying rationales did not work for me. I mainly used NCLEX Mastery and YouTuber Sarah RegisteredNurseRN. Occasionally, I would use Hurst book for reference and YouTuber ReMarReview, I only used her free resources, and I did not purchase any of her products. Sarah's lecture videos helped me the most. I would watch a few of her videos a day and then do some NCLEX Mastery questions. And Sarah teaching skills are so amazing she also has quizzes on her website over her lecture videos (free).

I mainly did 10-75 questions a day and rarely did 75 questions a day. I was not retaining any information when I would do lots of questions in one day. What worked best for me was Sarah's lecture reviews, I took lots of notes and used note cards. My progress on NCLEX Mastery stayed around 86% I did 1175 questions over 3 months. And I did their pre and posttest both results were 80% chance of passing. And I mainly studied Monday-Friday and answered questions on the weekends when I could I have a baby and a toddler. And I reviewed notes and more videos the day before the exam.

On my previous 4 exams I would answer questions well over 200 and a couple 265. So I went into my 5th exam expecting 265 questions, I brought along lunch and snacks. Boy was I wrong! My exam shut off at 75, I began laughing, I was in shock, I could not believe it, I just knew I passed, I was happy after the exam (took me about 2 hours). I felt like this exam was way different from my other exams; no EKG, no math, mainly priority (which patient would I see first and which patient would I assign a transfer nurse), a lot of patient education, a few delegation, a few sympathy, a few maternity, a few pediatrics, most questions were SATA, a few drag and drop, a few pharmacy, a few questions with images, and a few I did not know.

I took my time, I believed in myself, and I did a lot of prayer. I kept asking God to keep me calm and take away my anxiety. The main thing I did different this time on exam day is prayer and had confidence in myself, I kept telling myself I will pass. Future test takers believe in God and have faith in yourself and reevaluate your study plan. Find study material that works best for you and your schedule. God bless!!


I too and going on my fifth time .. registernurse Rn is food I watched some of her videos. Is that were you got most of content ? How many hrs would you study daily? And did you do it by systems ?

Yes, I got most of my content from RegisteredNurseRN. I would watch her videos and take notes and do the free questions. I would study 3 - 5 hrs a day Monday through Friday taking a 10 minute break every hour. And yes I studied by systems starting with my weakest areas first.

wow! Congratulations! i took my 2nd nclex exam yesterday morning and i got pretty the same as you had. i got 30 SATA questions. they said it's a good sign. however upon checking the pvt trick it was a bad pop up. i just pray to God that He will grant my prayer.

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