I passed the Nclex the second time.


Dear First time test takers, second time test takers, however many time test taker, answer searchers, help searchers, I need a sign searchers, future RN's,


Yes I am talking to YOU! Nursing school was an up hill battle and when all seems hopeless because the stress and anxiety is getting too much just think about how much you fought just to hold that degree in your hands and how proud you were of yourself because YOU survived a hell of a war. This test...this NCLEX...its JUST a test. Don't make it something it isn't. Don't build it up so high that its this impossible task...just go in there and answer the damn question that is right in front of you. I am writing this because I was roaming through this site and searching for an answer, just something to ease my anxiety, some sort of sign telling me it was possible. Through the great forums on this site I got the answers I needed to gain some confidence in myself and learned that it would all be okay whether I took it 1 time or 10 times.

My first go at the NCLEX, I did plenty of questions (just skimmed through the rationales), read the Kaplan strategies book cover to cover (took the comprehensive exam & scored a 64%), watched Hurst review. I did this for about 2 months. Took my first attempt at the NCLEX late July and after 265 questions failed. What I did wrong was the fact that I didn't prepare for 265. I went in there thinking I was getting 75 and not a question more. So when I went to 76 I started panicking. By 150 I was mentally drained. By 200 I just wanted the questions to stop. I was reading each question about 4 times just to get an idea of what it was asking. I came out of that center...shocked. I knew deep inside I was not successful this time. I checked the PVT just to confirm and was directed to the cc page (old PVT)

I moped around for a couple of days and then decided I needed to pull myself together. Who cares I failed? So what? I could take this test an infinite amount of times. I decided to gain a little bit control over the matter. I registered for pearson Vue, went down to BON and got my new ATT number right there(6 days after I failed to be exact). I scheduled my exam exactly 45 days later and took two weeks off. I felt I needed a mental break. I re-watched Hurst the first week, and bought the 3 week NCSBN questions. I read every rationale. I also purchased PDA. The remaining 3 weeks I decided to increase my stamina. I would go in the quiet room in my library and do 150 questions a day for a week. By the remaining two weeks I increased to 200 questions a day, and by the last week I increased to 265. This really helped because I knew I would be prepared if I ended up going to 265 again.

Second Time around I decided to take my exam at 8am. (first time I took it at 2pm). I wasn't as nervous this time. I thought I was better prepared. I sat down and answered my questions...one by one. All the way up to 265. I took 4 breaks. If i thought I was losing focus, I just raised my hand and took a 15 min break. I came out again, glad it was over. But I felt inside that I may not have passed again. I went out for about 6 hours. My friends kept calling me to do the trick...but I was reluctant because I was afraid to fail again. I didn't want to see it. Not then at least. Until my mother called me. She asked me how I did, and I said "Mom, it doesn't matter...I feel it in my heart that I didn't pass" she says to me "I feel it in mine that you did pass, do the trick"...so on and so forth I waited for her to get home so she could do it for me and to my surprise She was right. I got the good Pop up after entering my cc info (new PVT). 48 hours later I got the quick results and I finally saw that little 'pass'.

My advice to you is to try to duplicate the environment. If you are taking the test at 8 then take your practice exams at 8. See how you do. Also read all rationales because sometimes we get lucky and guess correctly. If you are contemplating whether you should buy a review class I say yes. It can't hurt you, it can only help you. And most importantly, BUILD STAMINA!

Things to focus on would be priority questions, infection control questions. I got plenty of those!

You can do this.

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I didn't pass mine the first time either. You'd be surprised at how many people including instructors did not pass the first time. When I didn't pass I ran into a professor and she asked how I did and I told her that I didn't pass and she could see the embarrassment on my face, she told me that she didn't pass the first time either. After that I was hopeful, no one is perfect and sometimes I think that a lot of us beat ourselves up way too much, unnecessarily :)


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Failed the first time (in July) and was heartbroken, devastated, and completely lost motivation. Since then I have fallen hard off the study bandwagon-- I got engaged, got a puppy, and have kinda lost hope for myself. I did Kaplan for the first test and thought the questions didn't really help me. I needed more content review, that's what it came down too. Did you like the NCSBN course? I watched their video and am seriously considering trying it. I just want to know if it is worth it? Congrats and thanks!


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Don't give up! I know how it feels to just want to quit but you worked so hard to get here. Have a plan and take in one day at a time. If you don't know where to start, just ask yourself, 'What can I do differently and what did I learn from taking the NCLEX that I needed to know more about?' Personally, I knew that I needed to focus on infection control, delegation, and the medications because most of my test consisted of those questions.

I strictly used NCSBN for the questions, I didn't look at their content at all. Questions were difficult and make you think. Although, if you asking me if the questions resemble the Nclex...Id say no one can duplicate the way they ask those questions. I strongly suggest Hurst review if you need help with content. It is easy to follow and quite entertaining. I have some study guides if you are interested.

Good Luck!


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Honestly, in my opinion, the only true way we can fail is if we quit. I read a post about a woman taking her Nclex 6 times! She is what inspired me to not give up. She wanted it so bad, that it took her 5 'No's' before it became a yes!


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Fist of all I would like to say Congrats to you :) Im going to take my 2nd attempt this Friday. Praying for the good result. Been studying pretty much everyday at least 3h a day because I am a Working mommy plus with my super hyper kid its hard to study for that long hehe.


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I failed my LPN this past March and have yet to retake it due to my fear of failing again. I feel so stuck. I see all my friends working and here Iam thinking I can't do it. Which I know I can I just don't know where to start again I have all the materials it's just so much. Help!!!!!


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Hi nmrivas88,

I know it is hard to pick up the pieces but you have to. My most important advice is to pick a test date and stick with it. Next, pick your weakest point and start there. Just remember you're not really re studying everything, just adding on to what you already know. Start slow and have a plan. Just re-read what you posted on this forum:

'I know I can'

and you certainly will!

Good Luck!!