I passed NCLEX-RN!


After failing the NCLEX-RN exam last February, I took the exam again and passed!

I must admit, failures are hard to accept. But I moved on, studied hard and tried again.

Thank you for all the wonderful tips you gave me (please read my first post). Your stories, struggles, and stories of success motivated me, and kept me focused on my goal.

If some of you are re-taking the test, here are a few tips. Based on what I experienced, these are what worked for me:

1) Get some sleep---it doesn't matter if it's a 3 hour or 8 hour sleep. Rest your mind. The first time I took the test, I wasn't able to sleep AT ALL. I guess it somehow weakened my confidence. Take a day off the day before your test date. Go to the mall, watch a movie. Or go to Church. Anything that would help calm your nerves, do it!

2) Repeat the mantra "I am successful, I will pass!" --Repeat this in your head the morning of the exam, while you're in the shower, or while you're eating breakfast or brushing your teeth. Maintain a POSITIVE attitude. Take a deep breath, and repeat this in your head. You can say it out loud too!

3) Stop studying the day before the test --Yes, I know that the NCLEX exam is nerve wracking, but if you've only got a day left, stop studying. The first time I took the exam, I was studying up until the morning the day before the test. And this did not help my anxiety, it only got worse! Believe in yourself and think that what you've studied is enough. Be confident, you got this!

4) Review the NCSBN guidelines on EXAM DAY --from what to wear, to what to bring, to what to expect. Make sure that you are prepared. Preparedness is key. It would help a lot if you know what to expect on your test day. If you get cold easily, wear a jacket or anything that is comfortable for you.

5) Same as #4, Review the guidelines written on your NCLEX books --You would find helpful tips on your books. Remember that you are only checking the guidelines written on the book. Do not browse on any chapter to review! Discipline yourself. Be informed on what to expect on your test date, etc. Learn from the experiences of others who took the exam.

6) Do not focus on the number of questions during your exam --what I mean here is that do not be bothered if others before you get to finish at the 75th question, 150th question, or 240th question. Do not panic. Remember that you have 6 hours to complete a 265 question test. That takes you around 44 questions in an hour to finish at the most for you not to ramble. Always check your TIME REMAINING and do not stay too long at one question.

Always remember to do your best at every question. Each question has the same equal score. Focus on getting each question right, do your best and manage your time. It is better to expect that you would finish 265 questions than get anxious if you did not finish early. This tip worked for me on my 2nd take.

I hope I was able to help you in any way. God Bless!

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