what if I don't pass Biochem!!!


Right now I'm getting a D+ 77.7% I need a 78% to pass. I have two more exams to bring up my grade. Do all nursing schools require this course now? I need help :(


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They all probably do.

Can you get tutoring through school?

Found one site for $30/hr ? Can google tutors.

Breaking Bad is on a break. Maybe Walter White can help? Sorry!! I really like that show.

Maybe someone else here can offer better ideas.


Not all schools that I've looked at require organic/biochem, but it seems like most of them do. I've found one in my area that doesn't. But, that's just here in Washington, I'm not sure about other states.


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Some of the schools I applied to require just a general chemistry & the community college I take pre reqs at requires no chemistry at all.


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Watch Dr. Najeeb lectures on YouTube! He is hands down the best teacher I've ever heard. Also, the tutoring center at your school should be able help. That was what got me thorough my year of chem. Professor office hours can be helpful if its a good teacher but if that's the issue then probably not.

Secondly, though I'm sure you will pass, don't apply to schools that do require it. I'm not sure if you're passed the withdrawl deadline at your school but if not and you don't want the grade you're getting withdrawing may be an option for you.