I am new here...hello all!

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Hi, I am new here, so I hope that I am posting correctly!

I am working in a Behavior Management Unit in a nursing home...when I started there almost 10 years ago...it was strictly an Alzheimer's unit. Through the years it slowly changed, and has been a behavior unit for about 6 years now. It is a tough job..it is basically a geri-psych unit...although not all of our patients are senior citizens...we have a woman who is 34 and a man who is 48 but all of the others are 60+. We deal with patients that other nursing homes cannot or will not handle for various reasons...Kicking, biting, cursing, head butting, spitting, inappropriate sexual behavior, punching, etc. You name it I have seen it or felt it!

I am really glad that I found this place...a place to vent and talk...and share!

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and there is actually a welcome thread with posts by most of the regulars under off-topic :)

Welcome Nurseypooh,

Glad to have you. I give you lots of credit for the job you do You must have the patience of a saint. Just having those types of patints in the ED for a few hours is enough to drive me nuts. More power to you!!:D

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Welcome nurseypooh!


Welcome, I have great admiration and respect for those who care for our older generation.


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Welcome! We have a number of LTC nurses here who would love to hear your solutions to dealing with those kicking, biting, yelling residents who disturb the entire home. Pass along any tips & techniques you've learned!

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