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I am currently pregnant, 19weeks, and starting nursing school. They deemed our uniforms Khaki pants and khaki polo tops. Any ideas how I can get this to work? I can't find any Khaki maternity pants (I would like the cargo type). I figured for the top I would just order a XL or an XXL because I am sure I won't be able to find a maternity khaki polo top. If only they had chosen white pants. *sigh* Any suggestions? Do you think regular unisex drawstring cargo scrubpants would work for my big tummy?




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There are some materity uniforms that you can purchase thru Landau.... got to the website and check it out. also check out Cherokee Website ...you will need to order them thru the net ....or request a catalog.... good luck to you and baby.


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When I was pregnant and worked in the operating room I wore the traditional OR scrub attire (drawstring pants and scrub top) they were very comfortable and didn't look too awful bad. Just make sure you're comfortable ... that's the main thing.

go to landsend.com

they have a great maternity section. and they DO have khaki pants.

here's the link


and congrats!

jschut, BSN, RN

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Hi Suzanne!

I can't say anything about maternity clothes anymore (I'm a Grandma!) but I wanted to pop in and tell you best of all for both you and your baby!

Julie :)


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Not sure what area you are in but when I was pregnant Target had some really nice, comfy Khaki pants...give it a try!

Best of Luck to you and your precious little one!!!



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I just wanted to say Congratulations! This must be such an exciting time for you!!!


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Congrats!! I second Target! They're affordable and have lots of cute maternity stuff. Also, Walmart has khaki drawstring scrub pants and tops...and it seems like when I've looked the majority of the sizes are plus sizes-that might work too.

Best of luck

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